SW-Primary Australian Football

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Organised by

Sydney West School Sport Association

Sport type

Primary Australian Football


Thursday, 4 April 2019

Method of entry

Zone team

Cost info

$110 per Zone will be invoiced post event

Event venue

Grey Gums Oval

Street address

Greygums Road




New South Wales

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Zone Teams:

Each zone is to field a team of 22 players (18 players on the field, and 4 reserves that are rotated throughout each game.) If there is a Combined Zone team then it is still 22 players representing that combined zone.

Zone Trials:

All zones to host their own team trials. After zone trials, zone conveners/manager are required to email their Zone team entry forms with correct details to Andrew Lowing.


Sydney West Championships

All zone managers/coaches need to hand in the 2 copies of official team sheet to the convener at the managers meeting prior to the championships. Coaches or managers are asked to highlight their top 5-6 players from their selected teams.

All students are required to hand in a Permission to trial note before the start of play. 

All games shall be: 2 X 10 halves with a 3 minute half time break. There is a 2 minute changeover between games. The Grand Final will have a 5 minute half time break.


Selected Sydney West Team

At the completion of the day, the selected side of 22 players (or a training squad of up to 32 players) shall be selected to participate in the first training session. 

Players selected from the Sydney West squad need to be present when the squad is officially announced or risk losing selection. It is essential that each zone coach/manager ensures their team members and their parents/caregivers are aware of this. 


The final selected Sydney West team will be required to pay a levy, purchase uniform and will compete at NSW PSSA Australian Football State Championships on 21st to 23rd May 2019 in Penshurst. 


Australian Rules Permission note

Time Venue Team Score Versus Team Score
9:15am  Ground 1 Penrith    vs Blue Mountains   
  Ground 2  Mt Druitt    vs Hawkesbury   
9:40am  Ground 1  St Marys    vs Blacktown   
  Ground 2  Castle Hill    vs Ridges   
10:05am  Ground 1  Seven Hills/Wenty    vs Blue Mountains   
  Ground 2 Parra/Merry/Auburn   vs Hawkesbury  
10:30am Ground 1 Penrith   vs St Marys  
  Ground 2 Castle Hill   vs Mt Druitt  
10:55am Ground 1 Seven Hills/Wenty   vs Blacktown  
  Ground 2 Ridges   vs Parra/Merry/Auburn  


11:30am - Recess Break - Convener/Coaches Meeting


Time Venue Team Score Versus Team Score
11:55am  Ground 1 Penrith    vs Seven Hills/Wenty  
  Ground 2  Ridges   vs Mt Druitt  
12:20pm  Ground 1  St Marys   vs Blue Mountains  
  Ground 2 Castle Hill   vs Ridges  
12:40pm Ground 1 Penrith   vs Blacktown  
  Ground 2 Mt Druitt   vs Parra/Merry/Auburn  
1:05pm Ground 1 St Marys   vs Seven Hills/Wenty  
  Ground 2 Ridges   vs Hawkesbury  
1:30pm Ground 1 Blue Mountains   vs Blacktown  
  Ground 2 Castle Hill   vs Parra/Merry/Auburn  


1:55pm - Lunch Break


Clean up areas as well during this time.


Announcement of players from non-semi-final teams being considered for selection


Time Venue Team Score Versus Team Score
2:25pm  Ground 1 SF1: 1st Pool A   vs 2nd Pool B  
  Ground 2  SF2: 1st Pool B   vs 2nd Pool A  
3:00pm  Ground 1  GF: Winner SF1   vs Winner SF2  


3:25pm - Clean Up


3:35pm - Presentations and announcement of the squad to return for final selection if needed. 

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener Andrew Lowing Crawford Public School andrew.lowing@det.nsw.edu.au 9621 7988
Manager Tristan Carruthers Toongabbie Public School tristan.carruthers@det.nsw.edu.au 9631 3079

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