SE - Primary Swimming Championship

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Organised by

Sydney East Schools Sports Association

Sport type

Primary Swimming


Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Method of entry

Zone team

Cost info

Gate Entry: $6.00


This event includes specific activities for people with disabilities who are classified through the appropriate sport association

Quick information

Warm up: 2.30pm, Competition start time: 3.00pm to 7.30pm

Event venue

Sydney International Aquatic Centre

Street address

Olympic Blvd


Sydney Olympic Park



Post Code


Sydney East Schools Sports Association sporting values are defined as: respect, team work, excellence, fair play.

Team Member Financial Obligations:

Team members who are deemed to be unfinancial will be ineligible for selection until they have met their financial obligations. 

Students must compete at the Sydney East championships in order to allow them to be considered for selection in the Sydney East team to compete at the state championships, unless they are:

i) competing at a higher level school sporting competition.

In this case, a request for consideration for inclusion in the Sydney East team must be presented to the convener. This is to be verified/endorsed by the student's principal and zone/district convener listing the student's zone/district performance. The student’s zone/district performance in the current calendar year will then be considered for selection by a panel (i.e. executive and convener).

Inclusion in the Sydney East team under these circumstances will not be at the expense of individuals who have competed at, and qualified for the Sydney East team based on the qualification procedures determined by the NSWPSSA/NSWCHSSA, and is also subject to approval from the relevant NSWPSSA/NSWCHSSA convener. Submitting a consideration for inclusion does not guarantee inclusion in the Sydney East team.


(1)   All competitors must be members of Zone Teams

(2)   Zones may enter three competitors in 50m Freestyle events.

(3)   Each zone/district is entitled to enter a third swimmer in the 50m Formstroke, 100m Freestyle  and 4x50m Relay events provided that all three have bettered the qualifying time.  The qualifying times, based on the previous year’s Sydney East Carnival, will be distributed to Zone/District Conveners prior to the carnival.

(4)   Entry into the 200m Individual Medley events require all swimmers to have achieved the qualifying time at their respective Zone/District Carnival.  Each Zone is permitted to enter a maximum of 3 competitors in the 200m Individual Medley.

(5)  In each event up to four additional competitors from each zone may be included who meet the 5th placed time from the previous year’s Sydney East Carnival.
(6) A competitor whose significant birthday occurs during the current year is eligible for that age group only. No competitor shall enter in more than one age division except for all age events i.e. 100m F/S.

Age groups: 

8 years born 2011, 9 years born 2010, 10 years born 2009, 11 years born 2008, 12 years born 2007, 13 years born 2006. Junior 8yrs/9yrs/10yrs, Senior llyrs/12yrs/13yrs.


Sydney East apparel will be on sale at the championships.

Students with disabilities: 

The NSWPSSA encourages students with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities to participate in the swimming program. Contact should be made with the executive officer to ascertain procedures for inclusion in such events by 2 weeks prior to the championships. Multi-class events for students with disabilities will be conducted in the 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly at the Sydney East championships.

Download the multi-class entry form (PDF 439KB). 

NSWPSSA swimming: 

The state primary championships will be held at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Homebush on 11-12 April 2019.  Note: The Sydney East championships will be conducted using a 1 Start Rule.  The 1 Start Rule will be used at the NSWPSSA championships.

Pool Deck Policy: 

Sydney East SSA will undertake, and will enforce a clear pool deck policy during the Sydney East swimming championships.  The applies to all spectators, coaches and competitors not actively engaged in the championships.


Applications are called for officials.  Casual relief is available for successful applicants. The teacher application form must be completed and returned one week prior to the championships. 

Download the teacher officials nomination form (PDF 123KB).

Social Media Policy: 

The Sydney East Schools Sports Association recognises the importance of social media and participating in these conversations. We encourage the staff, students and their families in the Sydney East SSA to build safe and positive online communities through the appropriate use of technology. We encourage the promotion of the positive experiences gained as a representative of Sydney East Schools Sports Association including through social media.


Sydney East primary swimming program & rules (PDF 45KB).

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener Mark Holden Tempe Public School 9558 3780
Assistant Convener Rebecca Millar Engadine Public School 9520 8559

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