NSWPSSA- Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys - Championship

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Organised by

NSW Primary Schools Sports Association

Sport type

Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys


Tuesday, 28 May 2019 to Thursday, 30 May 2019

Method of entry

Region/Association team


Information in this calendar is correct at time of publication but subject to change without notice.

Hosted By

Polding Catholic Primary Schools Sports Association

Event venue

Proctor Park

Street address

Gorman's Hill Road





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Venue Comment

Information in this calendar is correct at time of publication but subject to change without notice.

Information in this calendar is correct at time of publication but subject to change without notice.


Proctor Park Canteen will be available during the championships.


Team photographs
Time Region
7:45am CIS
7:50am Sydney South West
7:55am Sydney West
8:00am North Coast
8:05am Sydney East
8:10am Sydney North
8:15am South Coast
8:20am MacKillop
8:25am North West
8:30am Polding
8:35am Riverina
8:40am Western
8:45am Hunter
8:50am Barrier


Participating teams 
Pool A Pool B
1. Mackillop 1. Sydney West
2. CIS 2. Hunter
3. Sydney South West 3. Sydney North
4. North Coast 4. Sydney East
5. South Coast 5. Polding
6. Western 6. Riverina
7. North West 7. Barrier

Team Photographs

Refer to schedule on additional information section

7.45am photos for teams involved in first games

8.15am photos for all other teams



Schedule - Day 1
Time Field Team Score v Team Score
8.45am 1 n/a  -  - n/a  -
8.45am 2 Hunter  3 v Riverina  0
8.45am 3 n/a  - n/a  -
9.40am 1 Sydney South West  0 v CIS  3
9.40am 2 n/a v  n/a  -
9.40am 3 South Coast  2 v Western  0
10.35am 1 Sydney West  0 v Hunter  1
10.35am 2 Polding  1 v Sydney East  1
10.35am 3 Barrier  1 v Sydney North
11.30am 1 North Coast v North West  0
11.30am 2 CIS v South Coast
11.30am 3 Sydney South West  2 v Mackillop
12.25pm 1 Sydney East  6 v Riverina
12.25pm 2 Barrier v Hunter 8
12.25pm 3 Polding v Sydney West
1.20pm 1 Sydney South West v South Coast
1.20pm 2 Mackillop v North West
1.20pm 3 North Coast 3 v Western 0
2.15pm 1 Sydney West 7 v Barrier 1
2.15pm 2 Polding v Riverina
2.15pm 3 Sydney North v Sydney East
3.10pm 1 North West 0 v Western 1
3.10pm 2 South Coast v North Coast 3
3.10pm 3 CIS v Mackillop 0




Schedule - Day 2
Time Field Team Score v Team Score
8.45am 1 Mackillop 1 v North Coast 2
8.45am 2 n/a  - v n/a  -
8.45am 3 n/a  - v n/a  -
9.40am 1 Polding v Sydney North 5
9.40am 2 Hunter 2 v Sydney East 0
9.40am 3 Sydney West v Riverina 0
10.35am 1 Mackillop v Western
10.35am 2 CIS v North Coast
10.35am 3 Sydney South West v North West
11.30am 1 n/a  - v n/a  -
11.30am 2 Sydney West v Sydney North
11.30am 3 Polding v Barrier
12.25pm 1 CIS v North West
12.25pm 2 Western v Sydney South West
12.25pm 3 South Coast v Mackillop
1.20pm 1 Sydney West v Sydney East
1.20pm 2 Barrier v Riverina
1.20pm 3 Hunter v Sydney North 2
2.15pm 1 North Coast v Sydney South West
2.15pm 2 South Coast v North West
2.15pm 3 CIS v Western
3.10pm 1 Sydney North v Riverina
3.10pm 2 Barrier v Sydney East 10 
3.10pm 3 Polding v Hunter


Day 3
Time Field Team Score v Team Score
9.30am 1 1st Pool A CIS  3 v 2nd Pool B Hunter 2
Semi-Finals 2 1st Pool B Sydney North 3 v 2nd Pool A South Coast   1
10.30am 1 3rd Pool A Sydney South West 0 v 3rd Pool B Sydney West  0
10.30am 2 6th Pool A Western 0 v 6th Pool B Riverina
10.30am 3 5th Pool A Mackillop  v 5th Pool B Sydney East 0
11.30am 1 3rd/4th place play off Hunter v (semi-final losers) South Coast 1
11.30am 2 7th Pool A North West 6 v 7th Pool B Barrier 0
11.30am 3 4th Pool A North Coast  1 4th Pool B Polding  3
12.30pm 1 Winner Semi Final 1 CIS 0 Final Winner Semi Final 2 Sydney North 


Presentations and announcement of State Team

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener - Football Allan Duroux Lismore Public School allan.duroux@det.nsw.edu.au 6621 5366
Assistant Convener - Football Steven Mead Brighton-Le-Sands Public School steven.mead@det.nsw.edu.au 9567 5449

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