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Organised by

Sydney East Schools Sports Association

Sport type

Primary Athletics


Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Method of entry

Zone team

Entry instructions

Zones are eligible to enter three (3) entries in 100m and two (2) entries in 200m, 800m and each field event.

Cost info

Gate entry: TBA


This event includes specific activities for people with disabilities who are classified through the appropriate sport association

Quick information

Please note students will need to hand in their completed consent form (available from your school) to register their attendance.


Trials/events are subject to change as a result of any updates to Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions issued by NSW Health.

Event venue

Sydney Athletic Centre

Street address

Edwin Flack Ave


Sydney Olympic Park



Post Code


Wet Weather Information: refer to the Sydney East Schools Sports Association Facebook page and Team App.

Sydney East Schools Sports Association sporting values are defined as: respect, team work, excellence, fair play.


(1) Zones are eligible to enter three (3) entries in 100m and two (2) entries in 200m, 800m and each field event. Zones are permitted to enter a third competitor in the 200m, 800m, Field Events and Relay team in each division providing they meet the qualifiying time determined by the ninth placed time/height/distance in the final of the previous year. Zones are permitted to nominate three (3) entries in the 1500m. The finalists – ten (10), will be determined by the fastest ten (10) times nominated by Zone Associations. Nominated times must be certified by each Zone Association. Additional entries will be considered only in cases of exceptional circumstances if they are received by the Convener by 5.00p.m. 10 days before the Championship.

(2) Any substitutions should be submitted to administration by the team manager no less than 1 hour before the event.

Progression from heats to finals.  Athletes will be selected to progress to the finals in the 100m, 200m and relays based on the fastest times determined in the heats at the Sydney East championships.

Team Member Financial Obligations:

Team members who are deemed to be unfinancial will be ineligible for selection until they have met their financial obligations. Individuals in the secondary program will also be ineligible for consideration to receive an association blue.

Students must compete at the Sydney East championships in order to allow them to be considered for selection in the Sydney East team to compete at the state championship, unless they are:

i) competing at a higher level school sporting competition.

In this case, a request for consideration for inclusion in the Sydney East team must be presented to the convener at least one week prior to the Sydney East championship. This is to be verified/endorsed by the student's Principal and Zone/District convener listing the student's Zone/District performance. 

The student’s Zone/District performance will be scored against the competitors at the Sydney East championship. Inclusion in the Sydney East team under these circumstances is subject to meeting the relevant NSWPSSA/NSWCHSSA entry processes. Submitting a consideration for inclusion does not guarantee inclusion in the Sydney East team.

ii) the first three place getters will be considered for selection into the Sydney East representative team. In case of a tie for third place the convener shall determine selection for the third position using the following criteria:

a) field: the tie will be resolved at the event.

b) track: heat and semi-final times will first be considered. If the tie is still not resolved the position will be resolved by the toss of a coin.

iii) if the prevailing conditions preclude the coordination of an event at the venue on the day, competitors will be invited to submit times/heights/distances to be considered. These submitted entry marks may be from the zone championships, or may be from competitions endorsed by NSW/Australian affiliated athletics championships. However, they must have been achieved in the same year of competition prior to the Sydney East championships, and must be ratified by the school principal of the school that the student attends as well as the zone convener.

Footwear: Footwear is compulsory. Spikes are optional. If students wish to wear spikes the following sized spikes are allowed: track - 7mm, jumps - 9mm.


(a) Method: The method of starting for 100m, 200m and relays shall be "On your marks – set – gun". For the 800m and 1500m the method shall be "On your marks – gun".

(b) Starting blocks may be used, at the discretion of the athlete, in all laned track events, except where this contravenes any rule(s) made by the venue management on the use of starting blocks. Only starting blocks supplied by the Sydney Athletic Centre are permitted to be used. Competitors may use a crouch start (with or without blocks) or a standing start. No other starting positions are permitted. Athletes wearing spiked shoes for a crouch start MUST use blocks.

(c) 800 metres: The start for the 800 metres will be in lanes with up to two (2) competitors per lane.

(d) 1500 metres: A pack or waterfall start will be used to start 1500 metre races.

False Starts: Any athlete making a false start shall be warned. Any athlete(s) making further false starts in the race shall be disqualified from the race. If the disqualification is in the heat, the athlete will be advised of their disqualification but allowed to complete the race.

Students with disabilities: The NSWPSSA encourages students with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities to participate in the athletics program. Contact should be made with the executive officer to ascertain procedures for inclusion in such events two weeks prior to the Championship. 

Download the multi-class entry form (PDF 299KB).  

Sydney East apparel will be available for purchase at the championships.

NSWPSSA championships: 20 - 21 October 2021 at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Homebush. 
All zone teams must sit in their designated areas.

Officials: Applications are called for officials. The teacher application form must be completed and returned two weeks prior to the championships.

Applications are to be completed online using DASH - Register and apply here - DASH home page.

Social Media Policy:
The Sydney East Schools Sports Association recognises the importance of social media and participating in these conversations. We encourage the staff, students and their families in the Sydney East SSA to build safe and positive online communities through the appropriate use of technology. We encourage the promotion of the positive experiences gained as a representative of Sydney East Schools Sports Association including through social media.


Download the Primary Athletics Program of Events (PDF 223KB)

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener Liane Sharp Yowie Bay Public School 9525 0315
Assistant Convener Kylie Archer Burraneer Bay Public School 9523 4869