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Organised by

Sydney West School Sport Association

Sport type

Primary Orienteering


Wednesday, 16 June 2021 to Thursday, 17 June 2021

Method of entry

Individuals approved by school

Entry instructions

Entries close 4th June 2021

Cost info

$12 per student - schools to be invoiced post Championship

Event venue

Fred Caterson Reserve

Street address

Gilbert Rd


Castle Hill



Post Code


Entries: Open Monday 22nd March 2021.

Sydney West Flyer Information (431 PDF) 

Sydney West School Entry Form (XLSX 21.71KB)


Course details

  Girls  Boys Difficulty  Approx. Distance
Primary 10 years (Year 4) 10 years (Year 4) Very Easy  1.5km
Schools  11/12 years (Years 5 & 6)  11/12 years  (Years 5 & 6)  Easy 1.8km
High 12/13 years 12/13 years Moderate 2.5km
Schools  14/15 years 14/15 years Moderate 3.5km
  16 and over 16 and over Moderate 4.5km

Age division courses:

Age turning in 2021.

Please ensure ages are accurate as maps are printed according to information supplied.

Runners in the wrong age group will be disqualified.


Format of Age Championships:

On the day students will proceed to the Start, where they will be given a map with their course pre-marked on it. Students will start at 1-minute intervals. They must then navigate to all their control locations in order, and to the Finish.

Anticipated completion times range from 20-40 minutes.


Format of the schools relay:

Each school will group their students into teams of 3. They will be allocated 3 different courses of approx 1km each and of easy navigation. There will be a mass start of first runners. When each runner finishes their course, they tip their next runner and so on until all the team has run. Age handicaps will apply.


What to bring:

Food, water, sports uniform, sunscreen/hats, tarp/rug. Enclosed sport shoes are essential.



One teacher per 20 students will be required eg. if you enter 100 students you must send 5 teachers.

On the day, teachers may be asked to walk one of the courses as a course marshal.



Schools need to make their own arrangements.


Wet Weather:

Students should bring spare clothes.


Please do not hesitate to contact the regional convener if you have any questions or need any help preparing your students for the event.


“Our students haven’t done much orienteering – I’m not sure they have enough experience in map reading and navigation. Is this event suitable for them?”

Yes! All students will do a map walk with coaches from Orienteering NSW prior to their run.


Primary students who have school-ground orienteering experience will find the maps familiar and have confidence in their courses. All courses involve the use of ‘handrails’ (mainly tracks, paths and fences).


There will be some short cross-country sections which can be navigated relying on features. Compasses are not needed but may be of advantage to older secondary students if they are familiar with their use. Schools/students should provide their own compasses.

“My teaching schedule is pretty tight – what preparation will I need to do?”


Your responsibility is to get your students safely to and from the event, and ensure they are familiar with basic orienteering procedures. This will assist your students to approach the event with the confidence that they need to complete their course successfully.


“What happens on the day?”

On arrival, students will be issued with a SportIdent electric timer which should go onto their wrists. This must stay on until the event is over. Lost timers will have to be paid for.

The students will then be put into age-related groups and an ONSW coach will take them on a map walk with a sample map. The coach will explain map features, course decisions and use of the timer. This will take 30-40 minutes.

The coach will then return them to the assembly where, after having morning tea, they will be taken to the Start for their age races. At the completion of their age race, they will stay in the assembly area until the relays are called. No student is to go back out onto the course under any circumstances.

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener Rebecca Scott Kellyville Ridge Public School 8883 0480
Convener NATHAN HANDO Richmond High School 4578 1177