SE - Primary Diving - Championship

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Organised by

Sydney East Schools Sports Association

Sport type

Primary Diving


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Method of entry

Individuals approved by school

Quick information

No trials to be conducted. Please complete competitor entry form. 

Event venue

Sydney International Aquatic Centre

Street address

Olympic Blvd


Sydney Olympic Park



Post Code


Sydney East Schools Sports Association sporting values are defined as: respect, team work, excellence, fair play.

Students interested in representing Sydney East NSWPSSA diving championships should contact the executive offficer: tel 9707 6925  fax 9707 6936.

Entry: Only divers of sufficient standard to represent at the state carnival and competent to complete the required dives are invited to compete.

Selection Policy - teams:
Where zone teams are participating in Sydney East trials, students must have attended and been selected to represent their zone/district at their respective zone/district trials prior to attending the association trials. All students must have the approval of their school principal in attending the Sydney East trials.

Team Member Financial Obligations:
Team members who are deemed to be unfinancial will be ineligible for selection until they have met their financial obligations. Individuals in the secondary program will also be ineligible for consideration to receive an association blue.

NSWPSSA diving championships: The NSWPSSA diving championships will be held at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush on Wednesday, 5 April 2017.  Nominations should be completed on competitors form provided and faxed to the executive officer two weeks prior to the championships. 

The state diving information will be available.

The team entry form will be available.

Social Media Policy:

The Sydney East Schools Sports Association recognises the importance of social media and participating in these conversations. We encourage the staff, students and their families in the Sydney East SSA to build safe and positive online communities through the appropriate use of technology. We encourage the promotion of the positive experiences gained as a representative of Sydney East Schools Sports Association including through social media.

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener Bruce Riley N/A 9707 6925