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Participating teams - pools
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
 1. CIS  1. Sydney West 1. Sydney North 1. Mackillop
2.  Sydney East 2. Sydney South West 2. South Coast 2. Polding
3.  Hunter 3. North Coast  3. North West 3. Western
  4. Riverina    


Day 1 (Tuesday, 28 August 2018)
Day 1

Team photographs - Day 1

7.30am - photographs for team coaches and managers

7.40am - photographs for teams involved in first games (CIS, H, SN, NW)

8.00am - photographs for teams involved in second games (SW, SSW, NC, R)

8.30am - photographs for all other teams

Time Venue Team Versus Team Score
8.30 am Ground 1 CIS vs Hunter 69-0
8.30 am  Ground 2 Sydney North vs North West 53-7 
9.20 am Ground 1 Sydney West vs Sydney Sth West 7-14 
9.20 am Ground 2 North Coast vs Riverina 5-5 
9.55 am Ground 1 Mackillop vs Western 46-0 
10.45 am Ground 1 South Coast vs North West  60-0
10.45 am Ground 2 Sydney East vs Hunter 28-7
11.35 am Ground 1 Sydney West vs North Coast 35-0
11.35 am Ground 2 Sydney Sth West vs Riverina 62-0 
12.10 pm Ground 1 Polding vs Western 45-0 
1.00 pm Ground 1 Sydney East vs CIS 0-55 
1.00 pm Ground 2 South Coast vs Sydney North 0-35 
1.50 pm Ground 1 Sydney West vs Riverina 33-7 
1.50 pm Ground 2 Sydney Sth West vs North Coast 27-0 
2.25 pm Ground 1 Polding vs Mackillop 14-26 




Results - Final placings
Place Team Place Team
1 CIS  2 Sydney North 
3  Mackillop 4 Sydney East 
5  Sydney West 6 Polding 
7  Sydney South West 8 South Coast 
9  Hunter 10 Western 
11 Riverina 12 North Coast
13 North West    
Results - Selected team
Role Name School Association
Player  Max Meagher Sylvania Heights PS  Sydney East 
Player  Connor Dempsey Middle Harbour PS  Sydney North 
Player  Xavier Leota Bidwill PS  Sydney West 
Player Joel Jacobs  Coogee Boys Prep School  CIS 
Player  Baxter Warner Mona Vale PS  Sydney North 
Player  Luca Cleverley St Therese's, Mascot  Mackillop 
Player  Tyler Maybery Kellyville PS Sydney West 
Player  Marcus Aitchinson Kincumber PS  Sydney North 
Player  Max Patterson Scone Grammar School  CIS 
Player Alex Conti St Patricks College, Strathfield  CIS 
Player Aiden Gow  St Aloysius College- Junior School  CIS 
Player Mitchell Woods   St Patricks College, Strathfield  CIS 
 Player Leo Jaques  The Scotts College Prep School  CIS 
 Player Mitchell Holmes  Good Shepherd Plumpton  Mackillop 
 Player Joe Walsh  St Augustine's, Brookevale  Polding 
 Player Andrew Gaitau  Redfield College  CIS 
 Player Clayton Allen  Holy Family, Kelso  Polding 
 Player Nathaniel Thomas  Avoca Beach PS  Sydney North 
 Player De Wet Brits  Tirranna PS  South Coast 
 Player Ezekiel Logo  St Monica's, North Parramatta  Mackillop 
 Player Michael Nassar  Strathfield North PS  Sydney East 
 Player Connor Votano  Blue Haven PS  Sydney North 
Coach  Nathan Harvey Parklea PS Sydney West
Manager  Matt Barr Kulnurra PS Sydney North 
Trainer Andrew Watson Newling PS North West
Results - Selected team
Role Name School Association
Player  Brendan Bennett St Andrew's Cathedral School  CIS 
Player  Lennix Hopoi Oxley Park PS  Sydney West 
Player  Leviticus Funa-Iuta St John The Evangilist Campbelltown  Mackillop 
Player  Joe Harkin St Aloysius College Junior School  CIS 
Player  Heath Turner Knox Grammar Prep School  CIS 
Player  Jack Pinn St Francis Xavier Gunnedah  Polding 
Player  Mohammed Mousa Oatley West PS  Sydney East 
Player  Finn Wicks Newington College Lindfield Prep College  CIS 
Player  Charlie Ulcoq Scotts College Prep School  CIS 
Player  Jonty Fowler St Francis Xavier Gunnedah Polding 
Player  Finnlay Bartlett The Scotts College Prep School  CIS 
Player  Matthew Humphries Wamberal PS  Sydney North 
Player Johannes Logan St Marys Orange Polding
Player Jett Collins Tamworth PS North West
Player Onitoni Large Claymore PS Sydney South West
Player Aaron Keppie St Anthony's Picton Mackillop
Player Raven Pauga Bidwill PS Sydney West
Player Julius Pula Casula PS Sydney South West
Player TJ Talaileva Valentine PS Hunter
Player Austin Hulley Newport PS Sydney North
Player Tye Jecks Newport PS Sydney North
Player Laurence Talataina Hammondville PS Sydney South West
Coach  Ben Carter Mullaly PS  North West 
Manager  John Nugent St Mary's Dubbo  Polding 
Trainer Brendan Gray Edgeworth PS Hunter

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