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You must refer to the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity (PDF 466KB) to understand your overall compliance responsibilities.

Parents or caregivers must be informed of full details of the location, supervision to be provided and activities to be undertaken when seeking their written permission.

The permission note must contain a clause authorising medical aid if it is considered necessary by the supervising teacher. The note should also include a section where the parent advises the school of any illness or medical condition that the student suffers from, or any medication the student is currently taking (including asthma sprays, etc). If a student suffers from a medical condition which might put that diver at risk in the water, a medical certificate must be obtained for the student to participate in the diving program.

Students are to be instructed to use adequate sun protection, e.g. an SPF50+, broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen reapplied regularly. Students should also be advised that care should be taken when using sunscreen as it may be slippery on hand and legs during a dive.

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Teacher/Instructor Qualifications and Experience

The appropriate level of expertise and/or training required to conduct an activity will be dependent on whether the teacher’s/instructor’s role is one of supervision, instruction or coaching.

The principal must ensure that the teacher/instructor must have appropriate expertise and/or training in the teaching/coaching of diving.

Dry-land and other equipment such as dry-board, trampoline and harnesses etc should not be used without accredited coach supervision that is a minimum of a Level 1 coaching qualification.

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Principals and organising teachers should take into account such factors as age, experience, and maturity of students and experience of adult supervisors when arranging supervision.

If an adult other than a teacher is engaged as a coach, a teacher must be present to take overall responsibility.

A teacher must be present who has a recognised current Resuscitation Certificate and emergency care training.

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Diving boards and platforms must meet the requirements of FINA (International governing body for diving).

A well-equipped medical kit must be readily available.

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Diving should only be taught or undertaken in pools which satisfy FINA requirements. A check of equipment must be conducted prior to use each session.

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Divers must be competent swimmers and be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres in a recognisable stroke.

Students are to be instructed that only one diver is allowed on a diving board or platform at any one time.

The designated diving area is to be kept clear when diving training and competitions are being held.

Divers are to be instructed not to dive until the previous diver has left the water.

Divers are to be instructed to swim directly back under the board they have just used to exit the water. Teachers must ensure that this instruction is followed.

Divers are to be instructed NOT to swim sideways after execution of any dive from any board.

Spectators must be assembled well away from the immediate vicinity of the diving area to avoid distracting divers.

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