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Ice Skating

Version control: Original 1986 / Updated 1999 / Updated 2003 / Updated 2015



You must refer to the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity (PDF 466KB) to understand your overall compliance responsibilities.

Parents must be informed of full details of the location, supervision to be provided and activities to be undertaken when seeking their written permission.

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Teacher/Instructor Qualifications and Experience

The appropriate level of expertise and/or training required to conduct an activity will be dependent on whether the teacher's/instructor's is one of supervision, instruction or coaching. Other factors to be considered are the nature of the activity, the age, ability and experience of the students involved.

A teacher must be present who has recognised current training in emergency care.

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Principals and organising teachers should take into account such factors as age, experience, and maturity of students and experience of adult supervisors when arranging supervision.

Ideally, one teacher should be active in supervising on the rink.

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Skates must be in good condition and fit comfortably.

A well-equipped medical kit must be readily available.

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Students should wear clothing that assists in protecting the arms and legs should falls or participant contact occur.

Students are to be instructed to adhere to all rules displayed by the rink management.

The following safety strategies must be employed:

  • Ensure students entering the rink yield right of way to the skaters already on the ice.
  • Ensure students exit the rink by reducing speed and moving to the right as they approach the exit.
  • Ensure students skate in the same direction as the flow of traffic.
  • Prohibit behaviour or games which could cause interference to other skaters or cause other skaters to fall.
  • Ensure students are aware that when their hands are on the surface there is a risk of injury from other skaters.
  • Permit fast skating only at times specified by the rink management for students with the appropriate skill level.

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