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Indoor Cricket

Version control: Original 1999 / Updated 2003 / Updated 2015 / Updated 2016



You must refer to the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity (PDF 466KB) to understand your overall compliance responsibilities.

Parents or caregivers must be informed of full details of the location, supervision to be provided and activities to be undertaken when seeking their written permission.

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Teacher/Instructor Qualifications and Experience

The teacher/instructor must have appropriate expertise and/or training in the teaching/coaching of indoor cricket.

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A teacher must be present who has recognised current training in emergency care.

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Students must wear rubber soled footwear that will not mark playing surface.

All equipment (eg. balls, bats, batting gloves, wicketkeeping gloves) must be in good condition and be appropriate for the age and ability of the students.

Bats must be made of wood with dimensions less than 96.5 x 10.8cms and have a suitable non-slip grip.

Batting gloves must be worn on each hand by both batters and if male a genital protector.

Wicketkeepers must wear wicketkeeping gloves and a genital protector.

Only recognised Indoor Cricket balls must be used.

A well-equipped medical kit must be readily available.

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Indoor cricket centres or courts specifically designed for indoor cricket must be used.

The playing area must be free from obstacles and loose objects.

Netting used to divide courts/pitches must only hang to the playing surface. Nets draping on the surface are a hazard to all participants.

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Safety rules and game procedures are important because the game is played in an enclosed area. Teachers must ensure the rules of the game and the facility management conditions are complied with.

A fielding exclusion zone must be clearly marked in an arc extending from the centre of the batting crease for a radius of three (3) metres.

The wicketkeeper must remain behind the stumps in the three metre fielding exclusion zone until the batter has played the ball.

Fielders must be instructed to maintain eye contact with the ball at all times.

Students must secure long hair if it is likely to impair vision and remove jewellery and other ornaments likely to cause injury.

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