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Lawn Bowls

Version control: Original 1999 / Updated 2003 / Updated 2015



You must refer to the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity (PDF 466KB) to understand your overall compliance responsibilities.

When bowls is selected in a school sport program, parents or caregivers must be informed of full details of the location, supervision to be provided and activities to be undertaken when seeking their written permission.

Students must observe the etiquette of the local bowling club and wear clothing and footwear, prescribed by the club.

Students are to be instructed to use adequate sun protection, e.g. an SPF50+, broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen reapplied regularly and a hat.

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Teacher/Instructor Qualifications and Experience

The instructor must have appropriate expertise and/or training in the teaching/coaching of lawn bowls.

A teacher must be present who has recognised current training in emergency care.

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Where an adult other than a teacher is engaged to provide instruction, a teacher must be present to take overall responsibility.

An appropriate teacher:student ratio should be negotiated with the management of the host club.

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The bowls used must be of the size and weight suited to the students hand size and strength. A well-equipped medical kit must be readily available.

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Only students engaged in play are to be on the green.

Students are to be instructed to watch the bowl while it is in motion, particularly during a ‘drive’.

Students are to be instructed to move forward after completing a bowl. One of the few situations with potential for injury occurs when a player steps backward onto bowls behind the mat.

Students must not stop bowls with their foot.

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