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Swimming and Water Safety

Version control: Original 1990 / Updated 1999 / Updated 2003 / Updated 2009 / Updated 2015 / Updated 2016



The specific Sport safety guidelines for Swimming and Water Safety are in place to support the delivery of school aquatic activities.

Aquatic activities play a significant role in the lifestyle of many Australians. It is highly likely that students will be involved in some form of aquatic activity during their schooling. If aquatic activities are to provide beneficial, enjoyable and safe experiences, it is essential that schools make students aware of the importance of water safety and equip students with the necessary skills for safety and survival.

The following resources provide information and risk assessments to assist school communities in the planning of safe swimming experiences for students at a variety of locations.

Swimming and water safety introduction

The content in this section must be read and adhered to for any activity involving water.  

Water safety guidelines - municipal, commercial and school swimming pools

Specific safety guidelines for swimming activities that take place at municipal, commercial and school swimming pools.

Water safety guidelines - swimming at beach and inland waterways

Specific safety guidelines for swimming activities that take place at beach and inland waterways. 

Water safety guidelines - unstructured aquatic activities

Information designed to encourage and support schools to conduct safe unstructured aquatic activities such as celebration days and end of year excursions. 

Aquatic activity consent forms

Provides specific information and templates to be included on consent forms for structured and unstructured aquatic activities


Supervisions, scanning and surveillance procedures at aquatic activities

The content in this section contains specific information for providing safe supervision for swimming and water safety activities.

Safe entry for competitions - competitive dive starts

Information regarding safe water entry for school swimming championships, including the new diving induction teachers and student information and supporting videos.