About Us

School Sport is part of the Arts, Sports and Initiatives Directorate, School Operations and Performance within the Department of Education. School Sport promotes participation, sport skill development and excellence for all students.

In New South Wales, School Sport is responsible for:

  • implementing the Premier's Sporting Challenge,
  • coordinating the representative school sport pathway including those for students with disabilities,
  • providing participation and inclusion opportunities for students,
  • providing sport and physical activity policy and guidelines and advice to public schools,
  • managing the School Swimming and Water Safety program,
  • providing teachers with professional learning opportunities, and,
  • partnering with other government, university, sporting, and cross-sectional agencies to:
    • deliver teacher professional learning outcomes
    • meet the sport needs of students with disabilities
    • advise and develop strategic plans that support the nation's sporting future.

Main contacts

Leader School Sport Unit
Peter Banks

T: 9508 5542

M: 0429 125 959

E: peter.banks@det.nsw.edu.au