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The iPLAY Project

The School Sport Unit is proud to support the iPLAY Project – an evidence-based teacher professional development research program aimed at improving the quality of PE and school sport in NSW primary schools. iPLAY provides teachers with the skills, strategies, and high-quality resources to conduct quality PE and school sport lessons and help their students become more active during and outside of class time.

Teachers learn the iPLAY through a mix of face-to-face and online learning, along with individual feedback provided by an experienced mentor. iPLAY has been shown to improve teacher confidence, and increase student physical activity and fitness levels. Teachers who complete the program receive 14 NESA-registered proficient TPL hours, with opportunities for up to three teachers per school to receive 13 NESA-registered highly-accomplished hours. 

Key benefits of iPLAY:

  • Increase health, physical activity, academic performance and wellbeing for your students
  • No cost to your school
  • 14 hours of NESA registered TPL at ‘Proficient’ for all teachers who take part
  • Extra ‘Highly Accomplished’ hours for up to 3 iPLAY leaders in each school
  • Free lesson planning resources via the iPLAY website and mobile app
  • Learn when you like with purpose-built, interactive, online learning platform
  • Personal feedback and mentoring for all teachers from an experienced PE teacher
  • Easy to fit into busy TPL calendars with flexible delivery of workshops and mentoring sessions
  • High quality content developed by the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at ACU, the University of Newcastle, and the Department of Education
  • Improve quality of PE without having to take time away from literacy and numeracy

Free lesson plans and resources

All teachers can create high-quality lessons, and they don’t have to start from scratch. iPLAY have designed hundreds of activities that teachers can use to deliver effective, engaging PE and sport lessons. In the attached PDF, you’ll find a lesson we’ve created using the resources from the iPLAY research program.

iPLAY has been successfully implemented in over 150 government schools across NSW. You can find out more by watching this short video (2 minutes), by visiting the iPLAY website  or by reading the effectiveness journal article.  


To learn more about the program visit the website, or you can contact