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NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association Handbook


Amended 2020

4.14 Netball

4.14.1 Netball State-wide Competition (girls open and 15 years)

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook ‘state-wide competition’ -

(a) State-wide Competition Netball rules

(i) All games to be played under "International Netball Federation Rules."

(ii) Each association will determine game length and type of competition.

(iii) Where possible, each team should apply a qualified umpire.

(iv) In the event of a drawn game an extra period of five minutes each way will be played. If the game is still drawn, a toss of a coin for centre pass and selection of ends will be made. First team to be ahead by two goals wins.

(v) Teams must be in uniform with identification patches.

(vi) The substitution rule, as per the International Netball Federation Rules.

(vii) In the event of a game concluding early due to wet/inclement weather the score at half time shall be the result. If the game is concluded prior to half time the game will be replayed with the original away team becoming the home team.

(b) state-wide competition finals series

(i) All games to be played under "International Netball Federation Rules."

(ii) A round robin competition will be conducted in two pools of eight teams. With the final sixteen series seeing at least one team from each association .

Association s seeded in the top six places from the previous year's state championship, may provide a second team, provided each team is not a second team from a school already represented.

Teams placed one and four (1 and 4) in previous year's state-wide competition, to be included in top half of draw, while two and three (2 and 3) be included in the bottom half of draw.

Where possible, association s with two teams will appear in both halves of the draw. Remaining teams will be placed randomly in draw.

Pools will be determined by results from the previous year’s state championships.

(iii) Points tables will occur based on 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss.

(iv) Open Final Series – Each match will consist of 2 x 13 minute halves with a three minute halftime for all pool games. 15 Years and Under Final Series – Each game will be 2 x 10 minute halves with a two minute halftime for all pool games. There will be central timing.

(v) Each team must supply a badged umpire and inform the state convener of the umpire details two weeks prior to the finals.

(vi) Each team is responsible for its own accommodation

(vii) Teams must be in uniform with identification patches.

(x) 15 years and under girls Netball state-wide competition will be referred to as the Debra Hanson Cup’.

(xi) Open girls Netball state-wide competition will be referred to as the ‘Nerida Noble Cup’

4.14.2 Netball State Championships 

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "State Championships" –

(a) The championships will be conducted annually.

(b) Entries

(i) Each association  may enter ONE team (maximum of twelve players)

(ii) Players attending the state championships must receive an overall playing time of 40% with the only exception to this rule if the player has an injury. Failure to comply will result in loss of all championship points.

(c) Uniform

(i) Players must wear association  uniform.

(ii) Each player must wear a patch showing position identification for all matches.

(d) Equipment

Match balls will be provided by the NSWCHSSA.

(e) Court surface

Indoor courts are to be used for the state championships.

(f) Match rules

(i) All games to be played under "International Netball Federation Rules."

(ii) The championships will be conducted on a "round robin" basis.

(iii) The period of play will be 4 quarters of ten minutes each, with a two minute break at first and third quarters and a three minute break at halftime.

(iv) Three points will be allocated for a win, two points for a draw and one point for a loss.

(v) Where two teams finish on equal points in first place at the conclusion of the championship, joint winners will be declared. If three or more teams finish on equal points, first place will be determined on percentages across all games.

(vi) Other than when two teams finish in first place, all other positions, where teams are equal will be determined on percentages across all games. This is especially important when determining sixth place (as it has ramifications for allocation of school teams in the state-wide competition in the subsequent year.)

(g) Umpires, scorers and timekeepers

(i) Where possible each association  is responsible for supplying a badged umpire. NSWCHSSA will contribute to umpire travel expenses.

(ii) Managers may be asked to umpire, score or time keep when necessary.

(iii) The host association  is responsible for providing score sheets and timing equipment.

(i) Protests

Protests must be lodged, in writing, with the championship manager within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the match and shall be dealt with by the disputes committee.

(j) Duration

The duration of the championships is not to exceed three full playing days.

(k) Representative team

A NSWCHSSA Open Netball team will be selected at the championships by a selection panel of three.

(l) Selection panel

(i) Nominations for NSWCHSSA coach to be submitted by the advertised date. Nominations and elections for the three NSWCHSSA selectors will occur at the pre-championships meeting.

(ii) The coach of the NSWCHSSA team, if present, is to be a member of the selection panel, i.e. one of the panel of three.

(m) Disputes committee

Championship manager, state convener plus one other person.

(n) Judiciary committee

In the event of a player being sent off permanently from a game a judiciary committee will be convened comprising of:

State Convener
Host Association  Sports Coordination Officer
Championship manager
Team manager of the player concerned

Following a send-off, the umpire and both team managers should document the incident immediately after the game.

4.14.3 Netball NSWCHSSA team - 15 years and under trials

(a) Trial eligibility

All candidates must be turning 15 years or under in the year of competition and nominate by the due date.

(b) Date of trials

The state convener is to set the date of the trials. All trials are to be held indoors. In the case of the trials being cancelled, due to inclement weather (and where an indoor venue is not available), the state convener will set an alternate date.

(c) Selection procedure

A team of 12 players will be selected on the day of the trials.

(d) Late entries

No late entries will be accepted.

(e) Selection panel

Selectors for the 15 years or under to be a panel of five (5) including the coach.

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