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NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association Handbook

Amended 2021


4.20 Squash

4.20.1 Squash state-wide competition - boys and girls

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "state-wide competitions" –

(a) Draw

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "The Draw" –

(b) Quarter final/round of 16

For a quarter final or a round of sixteen match, there will be no home team listed. Schools playing each other to meet at neutral venues approximately halfway between the schools involved.

(c) Semi-finals and finals

Dates and venues for semi-finals and finals to be arranged by state convener. The format of this final series is to be round robin.

(d) Arrangements

The home team is responsible for arranging the court, an approved yellow dot squash ball and scoring sheet.

Each school will provide an approved yellow dot squash ball.

A Dunlop Single yellow ball (or its equivalent) is to be used from, and including the final 16 rounds of the knockout, unless both players agree to use a Dunlop Double yellow ball (or its equivalent).

(e) Cost

The cost of the courts shall be shared equally by each team.

(f) Results

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Results" – .

(g) Competition

(i) Teams will consist of four players seeded according to ability 1 to 4 and a reserve seeded number 5. Prior to the state quarter finals, the team order must be submitted to the association convener. Any changes to the order from the quarter finals onwards, must be submitted to and ratified by the state convener, prior to the schools next match.

(ii) Point scoring to be used is the "Rally a Point" or "15 point" scoring system.

(iii) The match will consist of four rubbers of "best of five" games each, e.g. if a rubber is won 3-0, then no further games will be played. The match will be decided first by rubbers, if these are equal by games, and if still equal by points.

(iv) In the case of a draw on points, then one game from each rubber will be replayed and the decision taken on the new game or point score.

(v) The visiting team shall have the right to decide which players shall play first rubber and which players shall play the third rubber, and the home team shall decide which players shall play in the second rubber

(vi) Each team shall provide either a "marker" or "referee" alternatively for each rubber. The home team shall provide the referee for the first rubber and the visiting team the marker.

(vii) The correct attire will be white or light pastel coloured clothing with white soled sandshoes.

(h) "Laws of the game"

The matches shall be conducted under the "Laws of the Game of Squash Rackets" as set forth by NSW Squash Ltd.

Students participating in the state-wide matches must wear approved protective eyewear as stated in these rules.

4.20.2 Squash State Championships (Teams) and Individual Championships

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook State Championships –

(a) Competition

(i) Association section

In the Squash state championships (Teams), team members must be seeded 1 to 5, and matches consisting of four rubbers will be played on a member to member basis. Rubbers will consist of best of three games.

Singles – rubbers will consist of best of three games, point a rally, 11-point games (“no setting” – at 10-all play continues until one player leads by 2 points or one player reaches 26).

Doubles – will be a played as part of the Squash state championships.

During the round matches two doubles rubbers will be played (with the number 1 and 2 players from the singles match up forming one combination and the 3 and 4 forming the second combination).

Doubles rubbers will consist of one point a rally 21-point game.

Points will be awarded as follows:

1 point for each rubber won and two points for overall team win,

6-0 win – 8 points
5-1 win – 7 points
4-2 win – 6 points
3-3 win – 5 points }
3-3 draw – 4 points } count back to game points
3-3 loss – 3 points }
2-4 loss – 2 points
1-5 loss – 1 point
0-6 loss – 0 points

Competing teams will be placed into two pools. Each team will play against every other team in the same pool. The winner of each pool will be the team with the highest number of points at the conclusion of all matches. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be the team that won when the two teams concerned played each other.

The final will consist of the best of five games in the SINGLES followed by best of 3 doubles, winner pool A v winner pool B.

Teams not in finals will play off across the pools to obtain final placings. (matches will be the best of three games SINGLES and one rubber doubles).

Seedings for the following year's championship to be taken from these places

(ii) Individual section

The Individual state championships will be run on a knockout basis with a minimum of eight seeds. Matches in any preliminary round as well as Rounds 1, 2 & 3 will consist of the best of three games. Quarter finals, semi-finals and the final shall be the best of five games.

(b) Warm-up

Competitors may have a maximum of three minutes warm-up time prior to the commencement of the matches.

(c) Results

All results must be handed in to the championship organiser by the association manager within five minutes of the conclusion of the match concerned.

No discussion will be entered into with players, parents or coaches.

(d) Entries

Each association may send five open age girls and five open age boys. All entries must be in strict seeded order. Any four players may play in rounds of the state championship. Where the fifth seed plays, all players must move up a position in their seeding with the fifth seeded player playing in the number four position. Where a association does not enter a team, their place in the draw may be taken, in priority order, by:

(i) A state convener's invitation team.

(ii) A second team from one of the competing associations.

(iii) Should their place be unable to be filled and less than eight (8) associations be represented then only the format shall revert from two (2) pools to one (1) pool.

All five players may play in the individual state championships.

Associations may nominate additional players eligible for selection in the NSWCHSSA 15 years team to compete, at the discretion of the state convener, in the NSWCHSSA individual state championship. Players invited under this rule will:

(i) Be eligible for selection in the NSWCHSSA 15 years representative team, to compete in the exchange,

(ii) Take no part in the state championship (team),

(iii) Not act as a substitute in their association team.

(e) Uniforms

Competitors must wear clothing that is deemed appropriate according to the rules of NSW Squash Ltd.

(f) Scoring

Each team will be required to score and umpire when not playing.  The ‘11-point’ or ‘point-a-rally’ game scoring system will be used.

(g) "Laws of the game"

All matches will be marked and refereed according to the 'Laws of the Game of Squash Rackets' as set forth by NSW Squash Ltd. Students participating in these matches must wear approved protective eyewear as stated in these rules.

(h) Representative team selections

(i) A team of twenty players will be chosen at the state championships to represent the NSWCHSSA in the Squash "Exchange" held in August of each year.

(ii) The team will be selected from players participating at the state championships as follows:

Open age team

participation in the individual state championship.
participation in the teams event.
participation in playoff matches where requested by appropriate association team managers.

15 years Team

participation in the individual state championship
participation in the teams event
participation in playoff matches where requested by appropriate association team managers

(iii) Records of junior tournaments conducted by the NSW Squash Ltd are to be considered only where selectors need to deliberate on players who seem to be equal.

(i) Pools

Teams will be grouped into pools based on their finishing order from the previous year’s championship and be such that the teams that finished 1st , 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th be in pool A and the teams that finished 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 10th, be in pool B.

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