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Contacts - executives and conveners

Contact Name Role School
Tracey McKinniery President Brighton-Le-Sands Public School
Gary McSweeney - Catholic Office Snr vice president N/A
Mark Clemson Vice president Tea Gardens Public School
Les Daley Vice president Murwillumbah Public School
Ben Thomas Vice president Avoca Beach Public School
Glenn Hidson Treasurer Lansvale Public School
Jason Wilesmith Executive officer School Sport Unit
Sport Role Contact Name
Primary Athletics Convener Peter Cardy
Primary Athletics Assistant convener Andrew Smith
Primary Athletics Manager Joelle Bailey-Maguire -St Brigid's
Primary Athletics Manager Peter Cardy
Primary Athletics Manager Sandy Fenning
Primary Athletics Manager Mitch Frew
Primary Athletics Manager Shane Randall
Primary Athletics Manager Andrew Smith
Primary Athletics Manager Sarah Young
Primary Australian Football Convener Travis Irvin
Primary Australian Football Coach Kade Stevens - Trinity Anglican
Primary Australian Football Manager Glenn Hidson
Primary Basketball Convener Robert Cormack
Primary Basketball - Boys Coach Anthony Hill
Primary Basketball - Boys Manager James Dean
Primary Basketball - Girls Coach Rod Miskell
Primary Basketball - Girls Manager Kristy Bultitude
Primary Cricket Convener Jarrod Lyons
Primary Cricket - Boys Coach Jason Ellsmore
Primary Cricket - Boys Manager Peter Mead
Primary Cricket - Girls Coach Leonie Coleman
Primary Cricket - Girls Manager Belinda Allard
Primary Cross Country Convener Cassandra Patterson
Primary Cross Country Assistant convener Joanne Williamson
Primary Cross Country Manager Howard Avery
Primary Cross Country Manager Troy Moran - Sydney Caltholic Schools
Primary Cross Country Manager Johl Storey
Primary Cross Country Manager Joanne Williamson
Primary Diving Convener Sue Milford
Primary Diving Manager Christine Lang - Pymble Ladies College
Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys Convener Allan Duroux
Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys Coach Nigel Toole - St Joseph's Wauchope
Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys Manager Peter Hamshaw
Primary Football (Soccer) - Girls Assistant convener Steven Mead
Primary Football (Soccer) - Girls Coach Fiona Smith
Primary Football (Soccer) - Girls Manager Steve Kovelis - St Michael's
Primary Golf Convener Steven Richard
Primary Golf Manager Steven Richard
Primary Golf Manager Alan Russell
Primary Hockey Convener Jayne Rixon
Primary Hockey - Boys Coach Michael Marshall - St Joseph's
Primary Hockey - Boys Manager Matthew Liles
Primary Hockey - Girls Coach Thea O'Sullivan
Primary Hockey - Girls Manager Bronwyn Robinson
Primary Netball Convener Pate Cooper
Primary Netball Coach Sandra Riches
Primary Netball Manager Regan Tweddle
Primary Rugby League Convener Les Daley
Primary Rugby League Coach Martin Field
Primary Rugby League Manager Andrew Hooper
Primary Rugby Union Convener Andrew Watson
Primary Rugby Union Coach Nathan Harvey
Primary Rugby Union Manager Benjamin Carter
Primary Small Schools Knockout Convener Debbie Healey
Primary Softball Convener Cathie Elsworth
Primary Softball - Boys Coach Susan Brasier
Primary Softball - Boys Manager Melanie Currie
Primary Softball - Girls Manager Ros Rowland
Primary Swimming Convener Neil Rogers
Primary Swimming Assistant convener Mark Holden
Primary Swimming Manager Janelle Gill
Primary Swimming Manager Peta Haynes - St Christopher's
Primary Swimming Manager Mark Holden
Primary Swimming Manager Kati Holt
Primary Swimming Manager Tony Kokegei - St Patricks Macksville
Primary Tennis Convener Jonathan Russell
Primary Tennis Manager Phil Shanahan - St Patrick's
Primary Tennis Manager Sue Watts - Hills Grammar
Primary Touch Football Convener Jackson Goman
Primary Touch Football - Boys Coach Edward Johnston
Primary Touch Football - Boys Manager Jackson Goman
Primary Touch Football - Girls Manager John Roche - St Mary's Toukley