Regards: NSW Department of Education Media Release 'Schools to Implement Distancing Measures'

North Coast School Sport Association (NCSSA) advises that due to the COVID-19 outbreak and ‘social distancing strategy’, all programs for Terms 1 and 2 are now cancelled.

All District, Zone, North Coast, NSWPSSA, NSWCHSSA activities are cancelled for the remainder of Term 1 and Term 2'.

The health and wellbeing of everyone involved is paramount and at the heart of this decision. We recognise the pressures that schools are currently experiencing and supporting staff and students is our highest priority.

This situation will be regularly reviewed and updates provided. We thank you for your understanding during this time.

Knockouts / State-wide Competitions:  all official PSSA and CHS school-based matches are cancelled until further notice'.

The following North Coast SSA activities planned for Term 1 and Term 2 will not proceed –

  1. Primary Tennis trials
  2. Primary and Secondary Basketball trials
  3. Secondary Canoeing Carnival
  4. Secondary 15s and Opens Touch Football trials
  5. Primary Touch Football trials
  6. Primary and Secondary Netball trials
  7. Primary and Secondary Hockey trials
  8. Primary Football trials
  9. Secondary Football trials
  10. Primary Australian Football trials
  11. Primary and Secondary Rugby League trials
  12. Secondary Lawn Bowls selection
  13. Primary and Secondary Golf trials
  14. Primary Rugby Union trials

The following NSWPSSA/CHS events will also not proceed-

  1. All Schools 15s Cricket
  2. SSA Secondary Triathlon
  3. All Schools Tennis
  4. Secondary Girls Volleyball championships
  5. Secondary 16s Rugby Union trials
  6. Secondary Swimming Championships
  7. Primary Swimming Championships
  8. Secondary Baseball State-wide finals
  9. All Schools Sailing Championships
  10. Secondary Boys and Girls Basketball Championships
  11. Primary Boys and Girls Basketball Championships
  12. Secondary Rugby Union Championships
  13. Secondary Boys and Girls Hockey Championships
  14. Primary Boys and Girls Hockey Championships
  15. Secondary Australian Football Championships
  16. Primary Australian Football Championships
  17. Primary Tennis Championships
  18. Secondary Netball Championships
  19. Secondary Boys and Girls Football Championships
  20. Primary Boys and Girls Football Championships
  21. Secondary All Schools Canoeing Championships
  22. Secondary Rugby League Trials
  23. All Schools Australian Football Trials
  24. Primary Rugby League 11’s and Opens Championships
  25. Secondary Boys and Girls 15’s and Opens Touch Football Championships
  26. Secondary Bowls Championships
  27. Secondary All Schools & CHS Individual Golf Championships
  28. Secondary Squash Championships

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