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Helpful tips for face to face TPL workshops

Enrolling in PL workshops and courses

How to enrol in a PL course:

  • Log into MyPL via your portal
  • Select 'Browse Learning'
  • Search the catalogue for the Event you wish to enrol in (Do not enter the entire workshop title in your catalogue search. For example, if searching for School Sport Unit - Rugby League Modified Games Coach Accreditation, simply type "rugby league" in your search.)
  • Select the course
  • Select the 'Sessions' button (bottom right of page)
  • Find the session you wish to attend and select 'Attend Session'
  • You are now enrolled in the session

Course information

Practical and face to face workshops Click this link for a brief summary of all the practical and face to face workshops offered by the School Sport Unit. 

Professional Learning calendar  You can search via region, course name or look at the calendar term by term. If you are logged into your DoE account and click on the course information on the SSU website, the link will take you directly to the enrolment page in MyPL.

Course promotion

Every Tuesday upcoming courses will be posted on the School Sport Unit Facebook page.

Course payment

Course payment and relief payment will take place via the monthly sundry tax upload post workshop.

Non DoE teachers

Non DoE teachers can only enrol via MyPL. Follow the prompts to set up a guest account. 

Course evaluation

Course evaluation needs to be completed in your NESA account. NESA states that it can take up to 30 days for the course to appear in your account.

Professional learning contacts

Contact our professional learning team if you have any questions.

School Sport Unit (TPL)

02 9508 5500


Rochelle O'Connor

Sport Education Officer

02 9508 5526 

Chris Kelleway

Project Officer

02 9508 5514