Opportunities exist for students with disabilities to take part in current school sport pathways.

These pathways are constantly being developed, and some areas may not yet offer Athlete with Disability (AWD) events. Regardless of local events, all students have access to the state championships, as long as they qualify. Contact your respective Sports Coordination Officer for specific entry requirements.

Alternatively, the school sports organiser can be contacted about entry points and opportunities.

All AWD events are run per the International Paralympic Committee Rules and Procedures (unless otherwise stated), and use the multi-disability format.                           


Students need to hold a sports specific classification to be able to compete in the various competitions such as athletics, cross country, swimming, sailing.

The classification process is set by the national sporting organisation e.g. Swimming Australia and Athletics Australia – each state sporting organisation conducts / hosts classification days in consultation with the NSW Primary Schools Sports Association / NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association and the regional level school sport associations. Check the calendar for classification days in NSW.

Find out more about classification from the Australian Paralympic Committee.

Sport Inclusion Australia provides eligibility guidelines for students with an intellectual disability.