Results and archives

Sydney North Schools Sports Association will add results and/or team lists once they become available. Archives for athletics, cross country, swimming as well as team lists can also be viewed.

NSWPSSA and NSWCHSSA results and archives are also available.



During the year we will be making more improvements to our website. Thank you for your support for Sydney North Schools Sports Association. 

Primary Council Meetings

Primary Term 1 Council Meeting - 1 March 2018

Primary Term 2 Council Meeting - 10 May 2018

Primary Term 3 Council Meeting - 9 August 2018

Primary Term 4 Council Meeting and AGM - 15 November 2018

Secondary Council Meeting

Secondary Term 1 Council Meeting - 2 March 2018

Secondary Term 2 Council Meeting - 11 May 2018

Secondary Term 3 Council Meeting - 10 August 2018

Secondary Term 4 Council Meeting and AGM - 16 November 2018

Sydney North SSA Swimming Championship


Thank you for supporting Sydney North School Sport by purchasing guessing competition tickets. The lucky 2017 winners are:

1st Place Prize: Notebook Laptop

Winner: No.321010 Mr and Mrs A Huxley

2nd Place Prize: iPad

Winner: No. 24194 G. Humphries

3rd Place Prize: Coffee Machine

Winner: No. 14251 R.Alvarez

4th Place Prize: Fitbit

Winner: No. 73933 S. Miller

2018 Winners will be drawn on 14 December 2018.