Measurement and geometry 

Year 6 Angle Shot (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Direction Grid (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Make the Shape (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Pacing Pedometer (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Race against the Stopwatch (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Runs: Split Laps (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Shuttle Doubles (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Time is Ticking (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Who is Right? (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 What is your distance in the Multi Stage Fitness test? (DOCX 324KB)


Number and algebra

Year 6 Bean Bag Throw 2  (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Bullrush Maths (DOC 324KB)

Year 6 Captain Ball (324KB)

Year 6 Can you make the new equation? (DOCX 329KB)

Year 6 Dice Croquet 2 (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Dodging Digits (DOCS 324KB)

Year 6 Decimal Ladders (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Empty Number Line (DOCX 339KB)

Year 6 Find-a-fraction (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Fraction Identifier (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Get the Gold Nugget (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 How many jumps? (DOC 324KB)

Year 6 How many points can you score? (DOCX 330KB)

Year 6 Knock Out (Number) (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Metronome (DOCX 324KB)

 Year 6 Make that Number (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Operations Tosser (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Patterns in Ladders (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Place Value Race (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Run or Die (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Tables Launch Pad (DOC 324KB)   

Year 6 True or False? (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Times Table Bingo (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Times Table Ladders (DOCX 323KB)

Year 6 Who wants to be smart and active?(PPT 801KB)


Statistics and probability

Year 6 Bean Bag Throw (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Heads 'n Tails (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Who wants to be smart and active with chance? (PPT 801 KB)

Year 6 How did your team score? (DOCX 324KB) 





Measurement and geometry 

Year 5 Analogue Clock (DOCX 322KB)

Year 5 Angles Match (DOCX 323KB) 

Year 5 Clock Relay 1 (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Create the Space  (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Length Scavenger Hunt  (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Minute Chase (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Move and Measure (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Making 3D Shapes (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Shapes (DOCX 323 KB)

Year 5 Stop the Clock Tock!  (DOCX 322KB)

Year 5 Skip the Properties of 3D Shapes (DOCX 720KB)

Year 5 Three Times Lucky (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Which is the Best Unit?  (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Walk the distance (DOCX 323KB)


Number and algebra

 Year 5 Action Answers (DOCX 322KB)

Year 5 Bean Bag Golf  (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Beanbag Fractions (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Clumps with Remainders (DOCX 324KB)

Year 5 Dice Croquet 1 (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Find a Partner (DOCX 801KB)

Year 5 Hit the Target (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Ladder Fractions (DOCX 324KB)

Year 5 Number Cruncher (DOCX 324KB)

Year 5 Number Challenge (DOCX 324KB)

Year 5 Number Run (DOCX 324KB)

Year 5 Number Relay (DOCX 331KB

Year 5 Patterns in Ladders (DOCX 671KB)

Year 5 Ring-a-Ding-ding (DOCX 324KB)

Year 5 Stuck in the Times (DOCX 323KB)

Year 5 Secret Number (DOCX 324KB)

Year 5 Skittle Subtraction (DOCX 323KB)


Statistics and probability

Year 5 Bean Bag Throw (DOCX 323KB)


Measurement and geometry

Stage 2 Body Clocks (DOCX 324KB)

Stage 2 Move and Check (DOCX 324KB)

Stage 2 Orienteering Maths (DOCX 324KB)


Number and algebra

Stage 2 Jump for your Life (DOCX 324KB)

Stage 2 Move and Check (DOCX 324KB)

Stage 2 Times Tables Tournament of Legends (DOCX 324KB)



Measurement and geometry

Early Stage 1 Pirate Maths (DOCX 324KB)'


Number and algebra

Early Stage 1 Climbing the Number Ladder (DOCX 323 KB)

Stage 1 Bean Bag Times Tables (DOCX 324 KB)

Stage 1 Factor Match (DOCX 324KB)


Statistics and probability

Stage 1 Try your Chances (DOCX 324KB)


Below is a selection of short videos which provide examples of TwME lessons, the equipment required and can be modified for different stages in K-6.

 Lesson 1 - Hop to it (2.23 mins)

Lesson 2 - Spelling fitness circuit  (1.40 mins)

Lesson 3 - Consonant diagraph (1.51 mins)

Lesson 4 - Basketball words   (0.57 mins)

Lesson 5 - Spelling hangman (2.09 mins)

Lesson 6 - Millionaire game  (2.21 mins)

Lesson 7 - Rob the nest  (2.13 mins)

Lesson 8 - Homophone Pears (1.35 mins)

Lesson 9 - Simile & metaphor hunt (1.05 mins)

Thinking while Moving English - Highlights of the program  (2.05 mins)


Below is a selection of lesson plans which can be adapted  for Stages 1, 2 and 3.

 Lesson Plan - Active Adverbs   (PDF  223KB)

Lesson Plan - Athletic Apostrophes (PDF 233KB)

Lesson Plan - Basketball Dribble (PDF 248KB)

Lesson Plan - Bean Bag Toss (PDF 236KB)

Lesson Plan - Captain Ball Prefix & Suffix (PDF 231KB)

Lesson Plan - Consonant Diagraph Relay (PDF 226KB)

Lesson Plan - Core Conjunctions (PDF 234KB)

Lesson Plan - Drill Ladder Diagraphs (PDF 246KB)

Lesson Plan - Exercise & Edit (PDF 218KB) 

Lesson Plan - HIIT Homophones (PDF 213KB)

Lesson Plan - Hopscotch (PDF 304KB)

Lesson Plan - Rob the Nest (PDF 409 KB)

Lesson Plan - Skip & Bounce Fitness (PDF 256KB)





The Department of Education - NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge, in collaboration with Sydney Markets - Fresh for Kids have developed the Eat the Rainbow educational resource. These have been aligned to the NSW PDHPE Syllabus K-6. 

These include:

Fruit and Veggie Gang video picture

For more information on other educational resources available to school please visit the Fresh for Kids website