Commencing the challenge

How to download CSV File from ERN (PDF 395.93KB)

How to upload CSV File to PSC Tracker (PDF 249.61KB)

PSC Facilitator Toolkit (available late Term 1)


Recording the challenge

How to use the eWall Chart for primary challenge (PDF 639.26KB)

How to use the eWall chart for secondary challenge (PDF 752.31KB)

How to use the eWall chart for staff challenge (PDF 617.88KB)

How to use the PSC App (PDF 485.54KB)

K-2 Logbook (PDF)  (available late Term 1)

3-6 Logbook (PDF)  (available late Term 1)

7-12 Logbook (PDF)  (available late Term 1)

Staff Logbook (PDF)  (available late Term 1)

Wall Chart (PDF 808.60KB) 

Staff Wall Chart (PDF 754.44KB)


Concluding the challenge

How to submit data for certificate printing (PDF 528KB)


Integrating the challenge into Key Learning Areas

Classroom Energisers (PDF 63.67KB) 

K-6 Class Running Challenge (PDF 150.90KB)


Challenge awards

Encouragement Certificates  (available late Term 1)

Achievement Certificates  (available late Term 1)



Benefits of physical activity (PDF 1230.40)





Year 6 Angle Shot (PDF 369.44KB)

Year 6 Bean Bag Throw (PDF 365.09KB)

Year 6 Bean Bag Throw 2 (PDF 436.86KB)

Year 6 Bullrush Maths (PDF 413.50KB)

Year 6 Captain Ball (PDF 508.58KB)

Year 6 Can you make the new equation? (PDF 524.96KB)

Year 6 Dice Croquet 2 (PDF 387.22KB)

Year 6 Dodging Digits (PDF 374.04KB)

Year 6 Direction Grid (PDF 424.77KB)

Year 6 Decimal Ladders (PDF 370.04KB)

Year 6 Empty Number Line (PDF 438.42KB)

Year 6 Find-a-fraction (PDF 449.32KB)

Year 6 Fraction Identifier (PDF 368.17KB)

Year 6 Get the Gold Nugget (PDF 319.09KB)

Year 6 Heads 'n Tails (PDF 426.74KB)

Year 6 How many jumps? (PDF 325.58KB)

Year 6 How many points can you score? (PDF 270.51KB)

Year 6 Knock Out (Number) (PDF 372.16KB)

Year 6 Metronome (PDF 331.35KB)

Year 6 Make that Number (PDF 371.74KB)

Year 6 Make the Shape (PDF 268.80KB)

Year 6 Operations Tosser (PDF 373.36KB)

Year 6 Patterns in Ladders (PDF 324.28KB)

Year 6 Pacing Pedometer (PDF 469.24KB)

Year 6 Place Value Race (PDF 421.72KB)

Year 6 Race against the Stopwatch (PDF 326.77KB)

Year 6 Run or Die (PDF 418.11KB)

Year 6 Runs: Split Laps (PDF 371.22KB)

Year 6 Shuttle Doubles (PDF 440.76KB)

Year 6 Time is Ticking (PDF 370.66KB)

Year 6 Tables Launch Pad (PDF 373.58KB)

Year 6 True or False? (PDF 256.81KB)

Year 6 Times Table Bingo (PDF 474.95KB)

Year 6 Times Table Ladders (PDF 318.84KB)

Year 6 Who is Right? (PDF 318.84KB)

Year 6 What is your distance in the Multi Stage Fitness test? (PDF 428.20KB)

Year 6 Who wants to be smart and active? (PDF 372.45KB)

Year 6 Who wants to be smart and active with chance? (PDF 327.07KB)

Year 6 How did your team score? (PDF 373.82KB)






Available late Term 1:

Nomination form for Excellence to School Sport

10 week Challenge Encouragement award

10 week Challenge Acheivement award

10 week Challenge Bronze award

10 week Challenge Silver Award

10 week Challenge Gold award

10 week Challenge Diamond award

10 week Challenge Staff award

10 week Challenge A3 School participation award