About us

The School Sport Unit (SSU) is part of the Arts, Sport and Initiatives, Student Support and Specialist Programs Directorate within the Department of Education. 

The SSU provides carefully planned, adaptable and enjoyable physical activity experiences for all students in NSW public schools.


About the School Sport Unit

The SSU provides a variety of physical activity and sporting opportunities. Learn more about the SSU’s role, vision, programs and main contacts.


Teachers and parents can find SSU newsletters from each school term which contain program updates, upcoming events and important announcements.

Frequently asked questions

Teachers and parents can find answers to commonly asked questions to help them navigate the School Sport Unit website.

Annual reports

Each year the School Sport Unit publishes an Annual Report, showcasing Unit achievements and highlighting program-specific successes.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all students, parents, teachers, officials and spectators when attending events coordinated by the School Sport Unit.

Contact us

Find key School Sport Unit details including contact details, location and program leaders.