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Masterlists video transcript (DOCX 20KB)



Masterlists are used for the sports of Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming, within the School Sport system. They enable a convener to check the classifications of students competing in multi-class events.



To be entered onto a Masterlist, a student must first apply and be eligible for a sport specific classification: Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Visual Impairment, Intellectual Impairment, Physical Impairment or Transplant Recipient.

If deemed eligible by the relevant national sporting body, his/her name will be automatically forwarded to Athletics Australia and/or Swimming Australia to be included on the National Masterlist/s. 


Sometimes student names are not on the Masterlist. This is generally because Masterlists are periodically updated and it is most likely on a waiting list for the next upload.

Other times, a student's classification may be listed incorrectly. This could be because the classification has changed and is yet to be amended on the list, or a clerical error occurred when being entered.

Parents and Carers are encouraged to regularly check the Masterlists to ensure their child's name and details are correct ahead of competition. If missing or incorrect, contact Athletics Australia and/or Swimming Australia to rectify the issue. 

Conveners using the Masterlists to cross check multi-class entry classifications, who cannot find a student listed or notice errors, should seek verification from either:

  • Athletics Australia - email 
  • Swimming Australia - email
  • The relevant national sporting body who oversees the eligibility process for the particular disability 
  • The convener of the previous championship in representative pathway (ie school, zone or regional association who enter the student in your event)
  • The student's school to obtain copy of classification eligibility.