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The GetActive@Home resources are available to support teachers and parents/carers in keeping students active either at home or to supplement Physical Education programs at school. There are 17 GetActive@Home episodes to engage students in K-2 and 3-6. The episodes and teacher resources are linked to the NSW PDHPE K-10 syllabus, check out all the resources below.


GetActive@Home stage specific weekly learning sequences

Some of the GetActive@Home videos/episodes and learning activities have been compiled into stage specific PowerPoints and broken down into a 3 week program with a daily focus/task. They are intended to be used in a weekly remote learning unit of work to have students "more active, more often", and to support schools in providing students with 150 minutes of physical activity each week as outlined in the Department of Education’s Sport and Physical Activity policy. They are not a sequential unit of work and can be completed in any order.  

See our GetActive@Home weekly learning sequences webpage - a perfect resource for teachers planning 'at home learning experiences' for their students. Watch this more weekly learning sequences may be added. 


The GetActive videos aim to lead students through activities that will develop their foundational and specialised movement skill. Developing these skills is important for students to build the confidence and competence to participate in a range of physical activities during their school years and throughout the rest of their lives.

Follow the links below to access the skill category packages. Each has a variety of skills for students to explore either individually or sequentially as numbered. The categories for each set of skills are:


GetActive@Home resources