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School Sport Unit Livestreaming

School Sport Unit YouTube channel banner image - students playing various sports

The NSW Department of Education is committed to providing the highest equity of access to opportunities for all school community members across the state. To explicitly connect school communities to their students competing in the Representative School Sport Pathway, the School Sport Unit  will identify a range of State Championship events to be livestreamed across each year. The events scheduled for livestreaming will be promoted across the School Sport Unit website, as well as the School Sport Unit and Association Facebook pages.

All events will be livestreamed through the School Sport Unit YouTube channel.

Having trouble viewing the School Sport Unit YouTube livestream?

If the user experiences difficulties in accessing this live stream from a NSW Department of Education (NSW DoE) site, the YouTube setting may be in Restricted Mode. 

The user would need to follow the steps below to switch to Unrestricted Mode:

  • Sign in to YouTube using their NSW DoE Google account (
  • Select their profile picture (top right)
  • Select restricted Mode
  • Toggle the button to switch to Unrestricted Mode.

List of livestreamed events

The table below shows the events that will be livestreamed throughout the 2023 NSW School Sport calendar year. 

Please note: Not all days of an event will be livestreamed.

2023 Livestreamed events
Event Date

NSWCHSSA Secondary 15 Years and Under Boys and Girls Touch Football Trial

28-29 March

NSWPSSA Primary Swimming Championship

5-6 April

NSWPSSA Primary Diving Championship

5 April

NSWCHSSA Secondary Swimming Championship

3-5 May

NSWCHSSA Secondary Diving Championship

3-4 May

NSWCHSSA Secondary Boys and Girls Football Championship

9-11 May

NSWPSSA Primary Girls Australian Football Championship

15-16 May

NSWCHSSA Secondary Boys Basketball Championship

16-18 May

NSWPSSA Primary Australian Football Championship

17-19 May

NSWCHSSA Secondary Boys Rugby League Championship

22-24 May

NSWCHSSA Secondary Girls Basketball Championship

23-25 May

NSWPSSA Primary Boys and Girls Touch Football Championship

23-25 May

NSWPSSA Primary Boys and Girls Basketball Championship

30 May – 2 June

NSWPSSA Primary Boys and Girls Hockey Championship

30 May – 2 June

NSWCHSSA Secondary Boys Hockey Championship

5-7 June

NSWCHSSA Secondary Girls Hockey Championship

7-9 June

NSWPSSA Primary Opens Rugby League Championship

20-22 June

NSWPSSA Primary and NSWCHSSA Secondary All Schools Cross Country Championship

21 July

NSWPSSA Primary Netball Championship

25-27 July

NSWPSSA Primary Boys and Girls Football Championship

15-18 August

NSWPSSA Primary Rugby Union Championship

22-24 August

NSWCHSSA Secondary Athletics Championship

6-8 September

NSWPSSA Primary Athletics Championship

25-26 October


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