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North Coast Aboriginal Artwork Design and Story:

Gabanbaa Balun (png 3610KB)

Artwork by Arakwal Bundjalung artist Nickolla Clark

Former Byron Bay Public School & Byron Bay High School Student.

“I have named it 'Gabanbaa Balun' (Thick Forest creek). I have tried to use the North Coast SSA colour scheme and hope these colours are well suited.

The artwork highlights a creek and mountain range symbolic in the lines and dots also layered with meeting places which highlight our sacred sites, resting areas, burials and bora rings found all along our eastern coastline, all Bundjalung and wider mob would travel along the songline heading north for Bunya nut ceremony in far north Queensland. We have many rivers, creeks and waterways which run through or around our beautiful rainforest all along the eastern coastline providing a diverse range of foods, flora, and fauna to hunt, gather and use.

These areas hold an abundance of significance to many tribal groups and homelands as they hold stories, sites, and history. The creek is the top aspect of the painting and the darker green lines and dots on bottom is the forest and mountains. The circular symbols are the meeting places."


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