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The primary school state knockout competition for NSW public schools is managed by the NSW Primary Schools Sports Association (NSWPSSA).

Entries, draws and results are managed by the NSWPSSA Knockout Website.


The secondary school state knockout competition for NSW public schools is coordinated at the regional level. The North Coast Schools Sports Association knockout booklet will be available soon.

Regional finalists progress to the state knockout finals series for each sport. These are managed by the NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association (NSWCHSSA).

North Coast Knockout Draws 2022

The above link will redirect you to the North Coast Knockout page in Dash.  Once in dash please select your sport from the sport drop-down tab, then select the appropriate sport and this will show you the knockout draw and results (when available).

Please Note: 

All Coaches of all teams MUST contact via email the relevant Convener two weeks prior to the commencement of competition. Once rounds have been played and results obtained, please provide these immediately to the convener to update knockout draw.

See under Contacts > Secondary Sport for relevant convener 

COACHES - Please take a copy of KO Rules to every game (found at NSW CHS

 **Schools who fail to notify Conveners of difficulties with play-by dates risk being forfeited from competition**  

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SPORT 2021 Notification Date to Convener 2021 Final Date/s
Australian Football State-wide Final 25 June 2021 14 September 2021
Basketball (Open KO) State-wide Final 1 April 2021 9-10 June 2021
Basketball (15s KO) State-wide Final 27 September 2021 20-21 October 2021
Baseball State-wide Final Series 25 June 2021 8 September 2021
Bowls State-wide Final Series  23 July 2021 11-12 August 2021
Cricket Davidson Shield State-wide Final  11 December 2020 25-26 March 2021
Cricket Cornish Trophy State-wide Final  11 December 2020 25-26 March 2021
Football State-wide Final Series 18 June 2021 18 August 2021
Hockey State-wide Final Series 25 June 2021 8-9 September 2021
Netball Open State-wide Final Series 23 July 2021 17-18 August 2021
Netball 15 years State-wide Final Series 27 September 2021 26-27 October 2021
Rugby League Uni Shield State-wide Final 25 June 2021 24 August 2021
Rugby League Buckley Shield State-wide Final 25 June 2021 24 August 2021
Rugby Boys Buchan Shield State-wide Final 6 August 2021 2 September 2021
Rugby Girls Clayton/ Richard Shaw State-wide Final 25 June 2021 28 July 2021
Softball Girls State-wide Final Series 28 May 2021 23-24 June 2021
Softball Boys State-wide Final Series 23 July 2021 17-18 August 2021
Squash State-wide Final Series 4 June 2021 3 September 2021
Table Tennis State-wide Final Series 31 May 2021 7 June 2021
Tennis Floris Conway State-wide Final 18 June 2021 4-5 August 2021
Tennis Stan Jones State-wide Final Series 18 June 2021 5-6 August 2021
Touch Knockout State-wide Final Series 18 June 2021 14-15 July 2021
Volleyball Girls State-wide Final Series 11 June 2021 14-15 July 2021
Volleyball Boys State-wide Final Series 11 June 2021 14-15 July 2021
Water Polo Open State-wide finals 5 March 2021 22-23 March 2021
Water Polo 15 Years State-wide finals 5 November 2021 22-23 November 2021