The following courses are registered through NESA and provide a process of teacher led improvement practices in implementing quality sport and physical activity policies, programs and practices within the school.

This series of courses is currently under review. Each course will be progressively restored to MyPL. Check the course names below for live links to MyPL. Thank you for your patience.

Building skills as a sport organiser is a series of courses offered as self-paced online professional learning for teachers who are currently in the role of school sport organiser or who are aspiring to be a sport organiser. 

  • The series aims to build teacher knowledge and skills to deliver quality and safe school sport programs.
  • It includes 5 QTC registered courses offering up to 22 hours of professional learning at the Proficient career stage.
  • Courses in the series are separate courses and can be completed in any order.
  • Each course has a cost of $44.00 per teacher.
  • Course information will be available to participants once enrolment is completed.
  • These 5 courses are available only to teachers in NSW Department of Education schools.

Participants in each course require a suitable mentor to support and verify their professional learning. A mentor should have experience in the sport organiser role, have an understanding of the representative school sport pathway and be prepared to provide advice, feedback and direction to professional learning.

A mentor can be:

  • the principal
  • a member of the school executive with a good understanding of sport
  • a teacher with a minimum of 8 years recent experience in the role of sport organiser.

If the school cannot identify a suitable mentor please contact the PSC team at or (02) 9266 8404.

Summary of course content, standards and registered hours

(Transcript for the Building skills as a sport organiser edumercial.DOCX 26.52KB)

To enrol in a particular course click on the course names and MyPL course code below.

Building skills as a sport organiser - Understanding the role of a school sport organiser (RG02049)  ENROL NOW
Content Standards Career stage Hours
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Operating sport as part of the whole school plan
  • Recognising different organisational model



3 hours

Building skills as a sport organiser - Conducting school sport and physical activity safely  (RG19010) ENROL NOW
Content Standards Career stage Hours
  • Using the School sport website
  • Identifying relevant Department of Education policies and guidelines
  • Managing risk assessments



6 hours

Building skills as a sport organiser - Delivering sport as a whole school activity - Coming soon
Content Standards Career stage Hours
  • Organising weekly sport, carnivals and gala days
  • Understanding and using Department of Education finance systems
  • Acknowledging and managing staff and students



5 hours

Building skills as a sport organiser - Identifying support and resources for the conduct of school sport - Coming soon 
Content Standards Career stage Hours
  • Following the student representative sport pathway
  • Working in sport networks
  • Connecting with sport associations
  • Sourcing teacher professional learning for teachers of sport
  • Engaging private providers



5 hours

Building skills as a sport organiser - Promoting sport and recognising student achievement - Coming soon
Content Standards Career stage Hours
  • implementing supervision and welfare strategies
  • Developing sport policy
  • Providing awards and recognition
  • Accessing professional reading



3 hours


The following courses support the development and review of the procedures for the organisation and management of sport and physical activity in the school. 

These courses are for NSW Department of Education teachers only and incur no cost. The principal needs to schedule an event at their school using the information below and the participant needs to enrol in the event scheduled at their school.

To ENROL in a course click on the MyPL course code below. You may download the course material by clicking on the course name. 
Course title Standards Career stage Hours

School Sport Unit - Developing procedures for school sport (DOCX 80.51KB)
(MyPL course code RG00260)

7.2.2 Proficient 3 hours
School Sport Unit - Reviewing procedures for school sport (DOCX 121.12KB)
(MyPL course code RG00293)
Highly accomplished 10 hours

School-developed procedures for school sport - a review template

The procedures template (DOCX 73KB) is included in the Developing procedures for school sport course document. It has been developed for schools to adapt and reflect the organisation and management of sport and physical activity in the school. The procedures are a mandatory requirement of the Sport and Physical Activity Policy.

Primary teachers wanting to improve planning and delivery of physical education and sport will find this useful. iPLAY is an evidence based intervention using experienced teachers of PE and sport to mentor peers in improving practice.

Explore the iPLAY website to learn more about the research study and how your school can sign up to be part of this exciting program.