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Version control: Original 1990 / Updated 1999 / Updated 2003 / Updated 2011 / Updated 2015



You must refer to the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity (PDF 466KB) to understand your overall compliance responsibilities.

Parents or caregivers must be informed of full details of the location, supervision to be provided and activities to be undertaken when seeking their written permission.

Student dress, including footwear, must comply with the requirements of the golf club or facility being used.

Students are to be instructed to use adequate sun protection, e.g. an SPF50+, broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen reapplied regularly and a hat.

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Teacher/Instructor Qualifications and Experience

The teacher/instructor must have appropriate expertise and/or training in the teaching/coaching of golf.

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Where an adult other than a teacher is engaged to provide instruction, a teacher must be present to take overall responsibility. A teacher must be present who has recognised current training in emergency care.

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Students should be encouraged to have their own set of golf clubs (or hired clubs), sufficient golf balls and tees.

Teachers are to ensure that equipment used is in good condition. If clubs have smooth grips, loose heads and shaft irregularities, they must be repaired or replaced before further use.

A well-equipped medical kit must be readily available.

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Golf courses, driving ranges or approved practice areas are to be used.

Public parks are not to be used.

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Students commencing a golf program for the first time must receive instruction on golf safety and etiquette before being allowed to play or practise golf.

While a teacher or coach is demonstrating or organising, students must be instructed to hold onto the head of the club, to discourage swinging or lay the club on the ground.

The teacher or coach should use a signal e.g. a whistle, to cease activities and teach students to stop and look before each swing.

During practice, students must be instructed not to swing a club until they have been placed in a designated area clear of all other students. Players are not to swing a club while they have their backs to one another. Players are to be positioned three metres apart.

Players waiting to hit are to be instructed to stand four metres behind the line of players hitting. Even in a normal playing situation, golfers should be well clear (a minimum of three metres) of playing partners when they are practising swings.

No person is to be positioned in the target line of another person swinging.

Students must not be in front of a designated hitting line regardless of the type of ball being used.

Students must ensure that the area around them and the direction of the hit is clear of people before attempting any stroke.

Position left handers at the far right hand end of the hitting zone facing the target.

All golf balls must be retrieved at the same time. Ensure ball pickup is not commenced until each player has finished hitting. Clubs must be left in the hitting area while balls are retrieved.

Play must be abandoned when lightning is in the area. Students should be made aware of the dangers of taking shelter under trees or metal-shafted umbrellas during thunderstorms.

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