The flagship program of the NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge is a 10 week challenge for students and staff in public schools.

Key facts about the Challenge:

  • A PSC Facilitator coordinates the 10 week event - setting up the school registration in the PSC Tracker and encouraging students and colleagues to work toward a higher level of physical activity. A facilitator toolkit will be published shortly and will provide important information and valuable hints about running the challenge.
  • Participation grants are provided to support and conduct the Challenge and are based on school size and the number of participating students.
  • Staff grants are provided as additional grants to schools to encourage staff to join the 10 week Challenge. Staff grants are based on staff registration numbers. 
  • The Challenge period commences any time after registration but must conclude by the last week of Term 3 to allow for award certificates to be printed and distributed to schools. 
  • Award levels for the 10 week challenge reflect a daily activity time commitment - either as part of a class or team or as an individual. All types of moderate to vigorous physical activities can count toward an award. Activities may include time spent in a broad range of sports and recreational pursuits during lunchtime, in school sport programs, class time, before or after school and on weekends.


    Award Level Daily Activity Time
    Bronze 30 minutes per day
    Silver  45 minutes per day
    Gold 60 minutes per day
    Diamond 80 minutes per day


  • Challenge participants use either logbooks or the PSC app to record their weekly physical activity and can track their overall progress using the e-Wall Chart.

Year Level Activity Record Data Entry Award 
K-2 e-Wall chart School e-Wall chart  Class award
3-6 Logbook School e-Wall chart Class award or individual result
7-12  Logbook or PSC app School e-Wall chart Class award or individual result
Staff Logbook or PSC app Staff e-Wall chart Individual result


  • Primary schools are encouraged to use year 6 students as ambassadors for the their class/school in the Challenge. This is an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills through their enthusiasm for sport. PSC ambassador badges are sent out to schools that identify student leader names in the PSC Tracker at registration.