The school principal and PSC facilitators will receive a registration email early in Term 1 to confirm their school's participation in the Challenge for 2020 and begin the registration process via the online PSC Tracker.  Principals and registered facilitators are able to login using their current DoE staff details. 

The registration process is complete when participating staff and student names are uploaded into the PSC tracker using a CSV file or manual entry. This will generate the school and staff e-Wall charts where data is entered throughout the Challenge. It will also generate a detailed Registration Summary which can be viewed on the PSC Tracker. 

Instructions for downloading a CSV file from ERN (PDF 395.93KB)

Instructions for uploading a CSV file into PSC Tracker (PDF 249.61KB)

2020 Updates for PSC Facilitators:

This year a number of new features have been added to the PSC Tracker to ensure the registration process and running of the 10 week Challenge is intuitive for schools.

Features include:

  • An interactive Registration Summary will display the landing page upon logging into the Tracker once registration is complete. Facilitators can see clearly all the details of their school's registration and make edits where necessary. 
  • Schools will once again have the option to opt out of receiving student/staff logbooks and certificates. We highly recommend consulting with staff and your school community before making this important decision and consider the impact this may have on successfully running the Challenge.
  • There will be two separate PSC certificate print runs this year so schools that complete their 10 week Challenge by Term 2 will receive their certificates during Term 3, permitting results are submitted on time. Schools that complete their Challenge during Term 3 will still receive their certificates in Term 4.
  • Schools are encouraged to use the sample note to parents (DOCX 119KB) advising the school community of their participation in the 10 week Challenge. It’s important that parents/carers understand their child is eligible to achieve different award levels. Additionally they should be informed of whether the school has chosen to award their students based on the class average or recognise individual outcomes. (Note: Years K-2 automatically default to a gold award).

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