Each school’s PSC Facilitator is responsible for two aspects of the 10 week challenge.

  1. Confirming registration of school via the PSC Tracker.
  2. Uploading of student names using the CSV file format  or manual entry.
  3. Demonstrating how to input class results each week into the PSC Tracker.
  4. Submitting data to the PSC Tracker during the 10 week challenge.
  5. Checking names are spelt correctly for certificate printing.


  1. Promoting the Challenge in the school community using sample note to parents (122.55KB)  
  2. Ensuring the PSC participation and/or staff grant is/are used to support sport & physical activity programs in the school. Schools receive PSC grants mid-year.
  3. Motivating staff to support the Challenge by joining the Staff Challenge or including physical activity as part of classroom learning or homework.