2020 PSC Participation Grant

Participation grants will be available once again in 2020. Participation grants are based on the amount of students registered in the 10 week Challenge. This can be used to support sport and physical activity programs. Grants can be used to fund:

  • the purchase of sports equipment
  • staff professional learning in sport and physical activity
  • conducting whole school sport and physical activity programs
  • subsidise the purchase of machines and equipment for use by staff
  • hire of personal trainer/instructor to run sessions


Once schools have confirmed their student participation (CSV file upload) grants will be distributed to school accounts.

Viewing the Grant 

Both the participation and staff grant will be processed together into school accounts as a Budget Adjustment. This is processed under GL 489010. The eFPT Allocation Detail Report in SAP will allow Admin staff to view the grant/s in the account. This can be found under the 'Reports' tab under 'Schools Management Reporting'. 

Allocating the Grant 

As this is a Budget Adjustment, the procedure is not to Journal the funds but, rather, for the data to be added in the eFPT. Admin staff may find the eFPT Quick Reference Guide helpful for allocating the PSC funds. 

Expenditure of the Grant

We encourage schools to spend/commit the grant money before the end of the calendar year. It will be up to the school Principal how the annual budget is allocated in the following year and this may include usage of the PSC grant/s.

However, the PSC grant/s will not be “taken” from school accounts if it is not spent by the end of the calendar year. Also, please bear in mind that all participating schools can look forward to another PSC grant the following year. 

Please contact the PSC Team for assistance.