The PSC Sport Leadership program supports public schools in developing leadership opportunities for students through sport and physical activity. The program identifies schools as members of a Sport Leadership Community (SLC) to share expertise, facilities and equipment.

The program is delivered in two phases: 

Phase 1 of the PSC Sport Leadership program is known as Leading with Action (LwA) and brings together secondary schools in a local area to form a Sport Leadership Community (SLC).

Member schools of the SLC are asked to:

  • identify a host school to manage the LwA program
  • prepare their senior students to be part of the LwA workshop
  • deliver the Learning to Lead phase of the sport leadership program to partner primary schools.

LwA involves a one day workshop comprising 3 x 90 minute activity sessions facilitated by state or local sporting associations or other suitable, qualified instructors plus class time and support from a PASS/PDHPE/SLR teacher.

In the workshop the students acquire sport specific and small group management skills. Follow up support from classroom teachers helps students to:

  • identify and discuss leadership strategies
  • plan age-appropriate lesson activities
  • practise small group management techniques

Leading with Action offers teachers of Physical Activity & Sports Studies (PASS) and Sport, Lifestyle & Recreation (SLR) curriculum outcomes as identified in the coaching modules of the PASS and SLR courses.

Schools can adapt the Leading with Action model to reflect their student cohort and may schedule the delivery of LwA to suit the Sport Leadership Community (SLC). Traditionally, schools have conducted Leading with Action in the latter part of a school year.

At the conclusion of Leading with Action Stage 5 or 6 students should be ready to take on the role of  sport leaders and enthusiastically promote higher levels of physical activity and build leadership skills amongst younger students. 

Leading with Action grants are available to participating schools and include teacher relief, transport and staff catering costs. An additional travel subsidy is also available for remote schools. Grant funding is directed to the host school to pay costs incurred by the program.    

The nominated host school manager should read the important information about teacher relief and application closing dates for this program before completing the online Leading with Action grant application on behalf of the Sport Leadership Community.

For more information about the Sport Leadership program and for state sports association contact details please contact the PSC team at


Learning to Lead (L2L) is Phase 2 of the PSC Sport Leadership program. Secondary schools who have been part of the Leading with Action program invite partner primary schools to attend a Learning to Lead workshop offering an opportunity for Stage 3 students to experience sport skills and initiative games led by trained secondary students.

The workshop is hosted and delivered by the local secondary school and rotates primary students through five x 45-50 minute activity sessions. Four of the sessions are dedicated to developing sport-specific skills and one explicitly focuses on leadership skills through active participation in initiative games.

By the end of the L2L workshop Stage 3 students should:

  • have a range of sport competencies
  • understand what skills are needed to be a sport leader
  • know how  to encourage peers to be more active.

These  skills can be used to support school sport and physical activity programs. e.g. organising lunchtime games with younger students.

It is important for schools to negotiate the total numbers of students who will be involved in the L2L workshop and organise the group activity size to maximise student participation and engagement. Consideration must also be given to venue size and available resources.

Learning to Lead grants are based on the number of schools who participate and include funds for teacher relief, transport and staff catering costs. An additional travel subsidy is also available for remote schools. Schools should note important information about teacher relief and application closing dates in regard to this program.

The host secondary school should complete the Learning to Lead grant application on behalf of its partner primary schools and funds will be provided to this school to meet program costs.

For further information regard the Sport Leadership program contact the PSC team at


Grants are available to conduct the Sport Leadership program.