The PSC Sport Leadership program offers students in both primary and secondary schools a pathway to develop their leadership skills. Building confidence and competence over a period of time, through involvement in both the Leading with Action and Learning to Lead programs, students can contribute not only to their school sport and physical activity programs but also to the wider sporting community.

Students in Stages 5 and 6 consolidate their leadership skills through participation and training at the Leading with Action (LWA) workshop. With additional teacher support they are prepared to deliver sport-specific activities and initiative games to younger students as part of the Learning the Lead program. They are responsible for:

  • planning lessons
  • managing small groups
  • organising content and workshop delivery mentoring and supporting future sport leaders.


Stage 4 students have the opportunity to recognise and develop leadership skills through their participation in a variety of sports workshops at the PSC Learning to Lead (L2L) day. They will learn to:

  • identify the organisational skills necessary to deliver lessons
  • enhance student levels of engagement.


Stage 3 students learn about and practice sport and leadership skills as they participate in sport-specific sessions and initiative games at the Learning to Lead (L2L) day. They learn to:

  • experience a variety of different sports
  • apply prior knowledge in a game situation
  • resolve challenges through collaboration.

Note: PSC Facilitators can register their Stage 3 student leaders through the PSC Tracker as part of the 10 week challenge. These students receive a unique username and password to access the e-Wall Chart and a PSC Leader badge.


Back at school these students demonstrate their leadership skills by:

  • conducting small group games and activities with younger students during lunchtimes
  • distributing sports equipment to students for playground use
  • assisting teachers with the 10 week challenge using the PSC e-Wall Chart.


A copy of the Sports Leadership Framework is available in our resources section.