Primary schools participating in the 10 week Challenge may wish to offer their Year 6 students an opportunity to develop leadership skills through their enthusiasm for sport. PSC student ambassador badges will be sent to schools that identify student leader names in the PSC Tracker at registration.

This strategy aims to develop and promote Year 6 students as leaders who could be given responsibility to:

  • hand out and collect sport equipment at recess and/or lunch time
  • help run small games and activities for younger students
  • speak at school assemblies
  • create and promote mixed media messages for peers and parents about the benefits of physical activity
  • assist facilitators with the roll out and administration of the challenge in their school.

In the PSC Tracker schools can identify student ambassadors to assist teachers and facilitators in the important task of keeping student data entries up to date by generating unique usernames and passwords. 

A guide to PSC student ambassadors (PDF 770KB)

Schools can adopt the PSC student ambassador initiative as part of a wider school based leadership strategy. A contract could be signed by students to commit to the initiative.

Year 6 PSC student leader initiative sample contract (PDF 64.69KB)

Student ambassadors could also participate in the PSC Sport Leadership – Learning to Lead program to enhance their leadership skills.


Year 6 Leader badge