Registrations are due by 2 March 2018. 

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The School Swimming and Water Safety Program is an intensive instructional swimming and water safety program designed for students who have not reached a satisfactory standard of water safety. While the program focuses on students in Years 2 and 3, older primary students, primary-aged students with special needs and students enrolled in Intensive English Centres may also participate.

The online registration form is accessible at:

Centrally Co-ordinated Programs
Accurate returns from schools of participating student numbers will assist in appointing  Instructional staff, with appropriate learn-to-swim qualifications.

School-based Programs
Schools are reminded that, if engaging community members to work in any School-Based Program, the Department of Education's Working with Children Check Policy must be followed.

Information about the School Swimming and Water Safety Program and about opportunities for teacher professional learning in the aquatic environment is available at: School Swimming Program.