Through the Active Kids program, the NSW Government will provide a $100 voucher to parents/guardians/carers of school-enrolled children to use for registration and participation costs of sport and fitness activities. The Active Kids program is a key initiative of the 2017-18 Budget to help NSW families meet the cost of getting their kids into sport and active fitness and recreation activities.

The program will not be means tested and one voucher will be available for each eligible child in the family annually. The voucher can be used for registration or membership fees at any approved Active Kids sport and fitness provider. Providers must offer structured activities of no less than eight weeks' duration that provide moderate to vigorous level of physical activity .

Parents can apply for the voucher at any time of the year and the voucher is valid until the 31 December of this year.

The NSW Government wants to ensure that this program is widely used by families in NSW and children have access to the largest number of potential activity providers.

Unfortunately, the Active Kids programs and vouchers cannot be used on departmental / school sport or physical activity programs or initiatives.

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