Representative school sport pathways (RSSP) FAQs

Find answers to our frequently asked questions regarding the Representative school sport pathway.

For all information regarding the RRSP go to Representative School Sport from the School Sport home page.


NSWPSSA - NSW Primary Schools Sporting Association

  • They govern all primary school sport at the state level.
  • Competitions include Catholic and Independent school sporting associations
    • MacKillop
    • Polding
    • CIS - combined independent schools


NSWCHSSA - NSW Combined High Schools Sporting Association

  • They govern secondary public school sport at the state level
  • Competitions do not include Catholic and Independent school sporting associations. Those selected in CHS teams will often verse Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) and Combined Independent Schools (CIS) at All Schools events.



Finding events, draws, results, and archives

The NSW School Sport website is calendar-driven. This means that all events are found in the calendar or through a find events search. There is a blue filter above each where you can refine your search to help find exactly what you are looking for.

To find events go to the home page or relevant association landing page and search through the calendar or find events found in the right-hand navigation of the pages. Ensure you utilise the filter to refine your search.

The draw can be found in the schedule section of the event. Draws are generally posted at least 2 weeks out from the event start date.

Step by step guides are available 


Once you find the event you are looking for and select view event info you will be taken to the event information.

Information you can find for the event is separated into sections (show/hides) and the first one remains open by default. Below are the sections and examples of what you may find within them:

Event information
Section Information
  • The association the event is organised by
  • Sport type
  • Date
  • Entry instructions
  • Cost
  • Quick information - brief important information relating to the event
  • The association that is hosting the event - this may be different from organising association, particularly with state events.
  • Event venue and address
  • Comments about the venue such as a map and parking or entry instructions
Additional information
  • Extra information regarding the event such as rules, organisation, program, etc.
  • Forms
Participating teams
  • A list of teams that will be represented at the event
Day schedule(s) 
  • Draws and/or programs for the event.
  • Contact information for the event convener or another relevant contact person who is responsible for the event organisation.
  • Event results.

Note: If results are available there will be a 'View Results' link above and below the above information.


Results for events can be found in a number of ways. All of these ways lead you to the same place - the event information.

  • The calendar
    • Once an event has results published a 'Trophy' icon will appear on that event in the calendar. 
    • Use the blue filter to refine your search and find the event you are looking for.
    • Select the event then select 'View Results'
  • Find events
    • Once an event has results published it will be specified in the 'Event status' column of the events list.
    • Use the blue filter to refine your search and find the event you are looking for.
    • Select 'View event summary' - 'i' icon and then select 'View Results'.
  • State association pages
    • Go to the NSWPSSA or NSWCHSSA association landing page and select 'State results'
    • Events with results will be listed under the 'NSWPSSA results and team lists'  and/or 'NSWCHSSA championship and state-wide competition (knockout) results' heading.
  • Region association pages
    • Go to the association landing page and select 'News and results'.
    • Select 'results and team lists'.
    • Once results are published for an event they will appear here under Primary and Secondary headings (show/hides).



Archives are results and event information from previous years. 

Archives can be found within the relevant association pages.

  • For NSWPSSA archives select 'State results' on the NSWPSSA landing page and then 'NSWPSSA archives'. 2001 onwards is currently available.
  • For NSWCHSSA archives select 'State results' on the NSWCHSSA landing page and then 'NSWCHSSA archives'. 2001 onwards is currently available.
  • For Regional association archives go to the relevant region landing page and select 'News and results' then the 'Archives' link. Some associations have archives dating back to 2003.


Region and State team selection



You will be notified at the championships either at the end of your event final or at the presentation.

ALL further contact regarding all aspects is through your TEAM MANAGER. 



You will be notified at the championships either at the end of your event final or at the presentation.

ALL further contact regarding all aspects is through your TEAM MANAGER. 


Knockouts / State-wide competitions


Coming soon.



Registrations for Secondary State-wide-competitions are now online through DASH.

For information regarding the state-wide-competitions go to Representative school sport - NSWCHSSA - Knockouts where you will find instructions and the sports listed.

To register for: 

NSWCHSSA State-wide (knockout) competitions

Use your school email address (




To register for NSWCHSSA state-wide 2020 competitions (formally knockouts) you will need to login with your school’s main contact email address (such as

Your school account has already been setup.

If you do not have your password recorded please reset the password with the “Lost your password” facility available and record for future reference.

Upon successful login click the “Apply for School based Competition” on your Dashboard. 

Select the competitions your school wishes to register and click Create Application. A confirmation email will be sent to your school email address listing the competitions you are entered into.

 You may log back into Dash with your school account at a later date to withdraw or register for further applications.

The secondary school state-wide competition for NSW public schools is coordinated at the regional level. Regional finalists progress to the state knockout finals series for each sport. These are managed by the NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association (NSWCHSSA).  

For information regarding the finals series use the sport specific drop downs below.

State-wide entries close on the last Friday of Term 3 each year unless your regional association has an alternate date.

The entry process for the state-wide competition is moving online. Information about this process will be posted here soon.


If you are the winning team you are responsible for contacting the relevant person in your region as soon as possible post fixture.

Follow the instructions in the knockout handbook and on Digerati/Dash. If you are still unsure contact the organising association - NSWPSSA for primary schools and the Region association for high schools.