Teacher professional learning FAQs


There are a number of different ways to search for teacher professional learning events. Three are outlined below.

1. SSU website calendar

  • From the home page or association pages select "View full calendar".
  • Use the blue filter to refine your search.

View calendar button

Website filter bar

2. SSU website Professional learning tab

  • Select "View PL calendar" or "Find PL events" - use the blue filter to refine your search.
    • search via workshop name, region, calendar date etc.

View PL calendar

Find events button

Website filter bar

3. Searching via MyPL catalogue search

  • Go to Home page, then to Browse Learning. A Full cataogue page will appear.
  • We recommend using the course code found on the flyer.
  • When using the search bar some events only require keywords such as the sport and others require the entire course name. This is to do with how MyPL works.

 MyPL catalogue



  1. SSU website – Professional Learning tab – select the “Find PL Events” button on this page.
  2. Enter the workshop name into the search box above the events list. 
  3. You can also use the blue filter to refine your search.

Find PL events button



Setting up a MyPL account for a Non-DoE Teacher and enrolling in a course

You will need to use the following link to set up a MyPL account in order to enrol in a workshop.

  • Go to the MyPL home page  - use Internet Explorer
  • Click on the word "Register" to the left of the "Login" button. See the first image below.
  • This will take you to the Sign Up page. See the second image below.
  • Only complete the mandatory fields (with red asterisks *) If the other information is completed it will not work! 
  • The system will send an email with a password after successfully creating the account. 
  • The email address entered will be the Username assigned. 
  • To log on to MyPL, use the same link as aboveMyPL home page  
  • Click the “Browse Learning” tab at the top of the page.  Type the course code or course name in the “search catalogue” bar. The course code is listed on each of the School Sport Unit flyers. 
  • The course should appear. Click on this course. 
  • This will take you to the enrolment page. You will have two options: 

Click the green session button at the bottom right hand corner, then click “attend session” 


Check the circle next to the workshop you wish to attend. 


Please do not hesitate to call Chris Kelleway 9580 5514 if you require further assistance. If you are sitting at your computer when you call we will be able to assist you. 


Payment takes place post workshop.  Our Finance department will send an invoice to your school. 


MyPL register

MyPL sign up



Course costs range from $95 to $330 for DoE teachers. Most courses are $220 for DoE teachers. 

Non-DoE course costs range from $123 to $429 with the average workshop being $286. 


DoE teachers – payment for courses takes place via the monthly sundry tax upload post workshop 

Non-DoE teachers – an invoice is sent to the school post workshop 

Casual teachers and pre-service teachers are charged at 50% of course fee. These teachers need to supply a postal address to the TPL team. 


Casual relief is paid to the school and not to the teacher. This is to assist schools to release teachers. 

Casual relief is paid to one teacher per school per workshop and is processed via the monthly sundry tax upload post workshop. There are a select few stage specific workshops that attract 2 relief days per school. 


Once the SSU TPL team mark your attendance in MyPL, this information can take up to 30 days to be transferred and appear in your NESA account. Once it appears then you must complete the NESA evaluation for your hours to transfer to your account. 


Validity of qualifications is dependent on the sport and range from one year to five years. 

Re-accreditation for most sports is now available online at the specific sporting body website and involves a re-accreditation fee. 

Re-accreditation for Athletics Officiating is offered by the SSU via a Skype for Business presentation and give you 2 hours of NESA registered accreditation. 

If teachers wish to gain a further qualification in a specific sport, they need to contact the sporting body directly.