Section 2 – By Laws

Amended 2016

2.1 General

2.1.1 Motions dealing with matters of policy and rescissions should become a notice of motion.

2.1.2 Attendance at funerals by councillors representing this association be a matter for Executive decision.

2.1.3 Minutes of Combined High Schools council meetings be displayed on the association's website.

2.1.4 That the Executive and conveners only issue invitations to Combined High Schools functions.

2.1.5 Each Regional Sports Co-ordination Officer is to furnish a report by the November NSWCHSSA meeting of activities for the year for inclusion in the Annual Report.

2.1.6 That where more than one team travels to a venue or tours together one coach be elected to accompany each team and that an overall tour manager be appointed.

2.2 Injury

2.2.1 That in the event of any injury at a Combined High Schools activity the convener must complete an accident report. If hospitalisation is necessary the CHS Executive Officer must be informed.

2.2.2 Combined High Schools will not be liable for medical expenses of students injured in trials leading to Combined High Schools selection.

2.3 Annual Presentation of "Blues" and Sporting Awards

2.3.1 A "Blues" Committee be elected at the March meeting. This committee to consist of four councillors at least one of whom must be a member of the Executive. This is a committee to scrutinise all nominations from conveners and present nominations to the council for ratification at the November meeting.

2.3.2 Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook Section 4.5 for information regarding criteria, nominations, conditions and presentations of the "Blue" Awards. 

2.4 Life Membership

2.4.1 Life Membership – Gold Badge

A gold badge will be awarded to a recipient of a NSWCHSSA Life Membership as follows:

(a) An employee of the Department of Education who has given a minimum of ten years active involvement across NSW Combined High Schools activities.

(b) The individual has made a significant and dynamic contribution that has led to positive improvement or development at the "CHS" level and/ or above.

(c) The individual has displayed leadership at the "NSWCHSSA" level and/ or above.

(d) Nominations must be received by the August meeting. At the November meeting a citation will be read and a secret ballot will be held.

(e) The nominee may not be present when nominations are being considered or voted upon.

(f) Life members must be elected by a two-thirds majority.


2.4.2 Life Membership – Sports Specific

A "Silver Badge" be awarded to a recipient of a "NSWCHSSA Life Member - Sport Specific" as follows:

(a) A teacher who has given 10 years of active service to the sport sub-committee including attendance, participation and contribution to meetings of the sub-committee as well as having served in an elected CHS sub-committee position during this time.

(b) A teacher who has made a significant and dynamic contribution to the "sport sub-committee" in such a way that it has led to obvious and significant changes, improvement or development of their "sport" at the "CHS" level.

(c) A teacher who has contributed 10 years of service to their "sport" in an integrated form of (A) and (B) above.

(d) A "Silver Badged" Life Member should fulfill criterion (A) and (B) or (C ) listed above, and should be supported by a 2/3 majority vote of the sub-committee of that "sport".

(e) The decision of the "sport sub-committee" must then be endorsed by the CHS Council.

(f) Information/Procedures

(i) The Nominee must not be present at the sport sub-committee meeting when the nomination is being considered/discussed and voted upon.

(ii) Nominations for Life Membership - Sport Specific, can be made as a motion presented at a sub-committee meeting of that sport; or a "notice of motion" signed by two members of the sub-committee of that sport and circulated as a postal ballot to regions through the Combined High Schools office and countersigned by the Combined High Schools Executive Officer.

(iii) Voting on the motion can be done at a sub-committee meeting or by postal ballot conducted by the Executive Officer. Where the vote takes place at a sub-committee meeting the motion is to be circulated to regions one month prior to the sub-committee meeting taking place. A postal ballot will have a one month period for consultation and decision from the date of the motion being forwarded to the CHS office.

(iv) The convener of the "sport" will be responsible for the preparation/research and writing of the citation.

(v) Where possible, the Life Member/Sport Specific ("silver-badged") will be presented at that "sports" state championship or regional managers/coaches/officials dinner.

(vi) The presentation will include "Silver" Life Member Badge to include the "sport" (if/where possible) embellished on it and a Scroll.

2.4.3 Life Membership- Sport Specific non-teacher

Life Membership- Sport Specific non teacher be awarded as follows

(a) A person who has given 10 years of active service and/or who has made a significant and dynamic contribution to the respective sport in such a way that it has led to obvious and significant changes, improvement or development of the "sport" at the "CHS" level. Except in very exceptional circumstances it would be expected that this active service be carried out in a voluntary capacity.

(b) A non-teacher Life Member should fulfill criteria (A), and should be supported by a 2/3 majority vote of the sub-committee of that "sport".

(c) The decision of the "sport sub-committee" must then be endorsed by the Combined High Schools council.

(d) Information/Procedures

(i) The nominee must not be present at the sport sub-committee meeting when the nomination is being considered/discussed and voted upon.

(ii) Nominations for Life Member of a "sport", must be made at a sub-committee meeting of that sport, as a "notice of motion", and distributed to delegate/sub-committee members of that "sport", one calendar month prior to the meeting being held.

(iii) Nomination for Life Members of a "sport" must be made by a member of the sub-committee of that "sport".

(iv) The convener of the "sport" will be responsible for the preparation/research and writing of the citation.

(v) Where possible, the Life Member/Sport Specific ("silver-badged") will be presented at that "sports" state championship or regional managers/coaches/officials dinner.

(vi) The presentation will include "Silver" Life Member Badge to include the "sport" (if/where possible) embellished on it and a scroll.

2.5 Sponsorship

2.5.2 No advertising is to be shown on Combined High Schools official playing uniform.

2.5.2 Advertising may appear at a Combined High Schools fixture venue with permission of the ground authority.

2.5.3 Conveners must consult with the Executive prior to entering into fund raising and sponsorship proposals.

2.5.4 The words "Department of Education" must not appear on any written documents which relate to fund raising and sponsorship.

2.6 Billeting

2.6.1 Any students who alter their billet without the consent of the championship organisers, be suspended from all sports association activities until the next association meeting where the matter is to be referred to the full council the decide any appropriate action to be taken.

2.6.2 Notification of billeting requirements should be in the hands of the host organiser at least two weeks prior to the event. Once a billet has been requested it must be accepted.

2.6.3 Where practical all teams be billeted unless individual personal accommodation is nominated.

2.7 Eligibility of students

2.7.1 Any students attending Combined High Schools selection trials must be endorsed by their regional association, re affiliation.

2.7.2 Students transferring to another school automatically lose their qualifications to compete for their former school in any competition conducted by this association.

2.7.3 Students participating in activities conducted by this association must be below 20 years of age in the year of competition. Students who attain the age of 20 years in the year of competition are not eligible.

2.7.4 Any students enrolled in Distance Education Schools are eligible to participate for that school or for the school/region they represented previously prior to attending distance education.

2.8 Finance

2.8.1 Some sports will receive one annual grant from the levy money raised. This allocation to be maintained within the NSW Combined High Schools accounts.

2.8.2 Sports will carry their surplus and/or deficit over each year.

2.8.3 All major expenditure for activities must receive prior approval of the Executive.

2.8.4 The allocation granted to sports will be reviewed annually, on submissions presented by the convener to the Executive.

2.8.5 Conveners, members of the Executive, managers and coaches receive the following rates

(a) $5.00 for meetings, claims for this be made prior to the Annual General Meeting each year.

(b) Managers and coaches be paid a daily rate as set by the council at the Annual General Meeting, where overnight accommodation is required.

(c) Telephone calls and postage expenses paid on production of itemised accounts.

2.8.6 Managers and coaches are liable to a levy as calculated on the same basis as team members.

2.8.7 Managers and coaches expenses be met out of each sport's fund.

2.8.8 All international tours should be self sufficient financially and be costed as such.

Note: $200 per manager and coach be paid by Combined High Schools general fund.

2.8.9 That a supplementary financial statement must be provided for all interstate and international tours.

2.8.10 Sundry debtors are not entitled to hold a position in Combined High Schools.

2.8.11 Team members are to be levied for fares, apparel and accommodation, if applicable.

2.8.12 Conveners and members of the Executive from non-metropolitan regions shall have travelling expenses to attend council meetings paid from the general account. Claims for this to be made prior to the Annual General Meeting each year.

(a) Non-metropolitan regions; The Hunter, North Coast, North West, Riverina, South Coast and Western.

(b) All claims are to be accompanied by relevant receipts.

(c) Acceptable claims

Train Fares.
Motor vehicle - D of E specified journey rate (casual rate) as per engine capacity.
Air Fares.
Accommodation costs at the standard daily rate (2.8.5 (b). 

(d) Conveners and members of the Executive from non-metropolitan regions should submit their intended form of travel and associated arrangements, for approval by the Treasurer, on or before the March meeting date.

2.9 Affiliations

2.9.1 Fees must be paid by all regional sports associations to this association by the 1st May of the current calendar year.

2.9.2 Failure to pay these fees may result in the region being ineligible for further representation in competition conducted by the association for the current year.

2.10 Budgets and levies

2.10.1 A detailed budget should be prepared in respect of all proposed exchanges and tours. A levy shall be imposed on all team members who take part in exchanges and tours.

2.10.2 For international tours, the budget including details of the proposed levy should be fully documented and submitted to the Assistant Director-General for approval, after endorsement by the Treasurer of the New South Wales Combined High Schools Sports Association.

2.10.3 The levy should cover the cost of travel, apparel, accommodation and any other expenses which can reasonably be expected to be met by the team members. The levy on individual team members can be reduced to the extent of the funds raised by them.

2.10.4 Levies and other funds collected by way of fund raising activities should be remitted, in full, to the Administrative Officer with the names of the participating students. An officer of the association should be designated as responsible for ensuring that monies covering the levy set have been received prior to departure.

2.10.5 Conveners of sports sub-committees are responsible for including a water bottle for all team members in the calculation of the team levy.

Note: Cases of genuine hardship should be the subject of special consideration by the council of the New South Wales Combined High Schools Sports Associaton. In such cases, costs could be met from association funds, sponsorship, etc.

2.11 Combined High Schools Blazer

2.11.1 The Combined High Schools blazer colour be dark blue.

2.11.2 Combined High Schools Executive members and conveners be subsidised by 50% for the purchase of a blazer. Conveners in their third year and Executive in their first year.

2.12 Disputes Committee (Appeals Committee)

2.12.1 The "Disputes Committee" is elected annually at the commencement of each school year and will comprise the NSWCHSSA convener of the sport involved, plus two named Vice-Presidents of the NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association. The NSWCHSSA Executive Officer is empowered to act on the Disputes Committee in the absence of the named members.

 2.12.2 Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook Section 5.2.8 for the function(s) and operation(s) of the Disputes Committee.

2.13 State Championships (Individual sports)

2.13.1 That nominations forms for the position of officials at association championships be advertised annually to all schools. This will obviate the necessity of issuing lists based on the previous official lists. This will automatically necessitate replies from people on all occasions by the advertised closing date. No appointments will be made unless application is received.

2.13.2 Entry to State Swimming, Cross Country and Athletic Championships be on an regional basis only.

2.13.3 Swimming and Diving Championships to be two separate championships and each with its own points score and trophies.

2.13.4 An equipment officer be appointed at Swimming, Athletic and Cross Country Championships.

2.13.4 Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook Section 5.4 for state championship operating procedures.   

2.14 Sports sub-committees

2.14.1 Conveners in consultation with the assistant convener may nominate up to twenty-four names on their mailing lists.

2.14.2 It is unnecessary for any Combined High Schools sub-committee to record the names of the mover and seconder of proposed motions.

2.14.3 All mail and circulars must be submitted through the Combined High Schools Office for distribution.

2.14.4 Where a convener is absent for three consecutive council meetings their position will be declared vacant automatically. Leave is to be granted to the convener when involved in Combined High Schools activities. This is to be recorded in the apologies section of the attendance book. If the state convener is absent the assistant convener may be delegated to attend the meeting(s).

2.14.5 That state conveners of all sports be asked to give adequate notice of entries for Knockouts and that where practical regional conveners make up and conduct the draw in all sports for their region up to the stage of regional finalist. The state convener should stipulate dates and conditions for all aspects of competition including the method considered by them to be most suitable for conducting the final round from sixteen teams through to the state knockout winner. This should apply to all sports. All such draws and results are to be forwarded at the earliest possible time to the state conveners of each sport. The state convener may delegate this role to the assistant convener.

2.14.6 The following guidelines are given to assist conveners of sub-committees formed to organise approved sports. The guidelines set down are binding on all sports except where the council gives permission otherwise on receipt of a written request.

(a) Members of the sub-committee are to be full time members of the teaching staff of public secondary schools or Regional Sports Co-ordination Officers, who are willing and able to attend the sub-committee meetings.

(b) Where a member of a sub-committee is absent for three consecutive meetings their position will be declared vacant automatically. Leave is to be granted to a member if involved in Combined High Schools activities. This is to be recorded in the apologies section of the relevant sub-committee meeting's minutes.

(c) The sub-committee to consist of a maximum of twelve members providing there is no more than a maximum of three members from any one region and for a sub-committee of eight members or less a maximum of two members from any one region. The quorum for a sub-committee meeting to be four regions represented.

(d) Members of the sub-committee to be selected from

Regional conveners of the particular sport.
Zone conveners of the particular sport.
Interested teachers.

2.14.7 Where a regional convener of a particular sport, and who is a member of the sub-committee, is unable to attend due to teaching commitments and lack of teacher relief - the regional delegate to Combined High Schools be able to attend and vote at the sub-committee meeting.

2.15 Elections, Manager/Coach

2.15.1 A permanent member of the teaching service employed by the New South Wales Department of Education at the time of nomination, is eligible to nominate for managerial and or coaching positions. No candidate be considered for a position of coach or manager unless an application form is filled in and forwarded to the CHS Executive Officer by the closing date set down. Where no candidate satisfied such requirements, the candidate be elected from the floor of a council meeting subject to the principal's approval. In cases where appointments are required for any sport between council meetings, the Executive shall make such appointments.

2.15.2 That sports are to conduct their own elections for the positions of manager and coach at a constituted sub-committee meeting, but the council may exercise the right of veto on any decisions made. Where required a postal ballot will be conducted by the Vice President in charge of elections.

2.15.3 Conditions pertaining to elections of Combined High Schools team officials for individual sports are as follows:

(a) The Combined High Schools sub-committee recommendations be adhered to providing:

(i) That the recommendations for the positions have been discussed at a conveners meeting for the sport in question as indicated by the minutes of that meeting.

(ii) That all council members be informed of the nomination at least fourteen days prior to the council meeting at which the election is to take place.

(iii) No objection is raised from the floor of the meeting.

(b) If the above conditions are not met then a full vote is to be taken by the council with the sub-committee's recommendation heard prior to the election (only if (1) above applies).

(c) Regions not able to be represented at a sub-committee meeting have the right to exercise a postal vote on all agenda items. The agenda is to be sent to all members of the sub-committee eligible to vote prior to the meeting.

(d) In elections for Combined High Schools Team officials held as part of the state championship each region has one vote. Regions unable to be represented at the sub-committee meeting where the election is taking place may exercise a postal vote in the ballot. The convener of the sport shall have a deliberate vote. The convener of the sport shall have a casting vote where necessary.

(e) Where sub-committee meetings are held separate to the state championship program, for the purposes of voting for notified agenda items and elections regions will be entitled to send up to three delegates.

If regions are not represented by delegates and take up the option of recording a postal ballot they will be entitled to record two (2) votes.

If regions are present at the sub-committee meeting each region delegate will be entitled to one (1) vote, up to a maximum of two votes. The convener of the sport shall have a deliberate vote. The convener of the sport will have a casting vote where necessary.

(f) Where a postal ballot(s) is held to determine manager/coach positions each Regional Sports Co-ordination Officer will be forwarded a ballot paper. Each region is entitled to one vote. The convener of the sport shall have a deliberate vote. The convener of the sport will have a casting vote where necessary.

2.15.4 No applicant can be appointed to more than one managerial or coaching position in any one calendar year.

2.15.5 Any permanent secondary school teacher employed by the Department of Education in New South Wales is eligible to nominate for managerial and coaching positions.

2.15.6 Successful nominees to comply with managerial/coaching duties information sheet.

2.15.7 At elections the preferential voting system be used.

2.15.8 Nomination form for team officials will appear on the NSWCHSSA website; NSWCHSSA Application and Forms page

2.16 Elections - Executive/Conveners

2.16.1 Nominations for Executive and conveners positions shall be advertised to all schools on the NSWCHSSA website NSWCHSSA Application and Forms page annually. Nominations to be forwarded through the principal to the regional office, for comment, and then to the association office. Elections to take place at the Annual General Meeting held in November.

2.16.2 Four vice-Presidents shall be elected. Each Vice-President to encompass an identified area of responsibility which will be negotiated at the Executive level.

2.16.3 The nominations for conveners and Executive positions are to close the last day of term 3.  A full list of nominees and their credentials will be circulated to the regions for discussion at the regional association meetings prior to the elections. Such nominations shall be formally accepted by council prior to each election taking place.

2.17 Approval for Interstate Sports Visits

2.17.1 Where an interstate sports visit involving state representative teams is to be undertaken, the approval of the Director-General or a delegated officer is required. Parental consent forms, in the prescribed form, are necessary before any child is included in interstate sports visit. The request for approval should be forwarded through the Assistant Director-General, at least two months before the proposed date of departure after being endorsed by the New South Wales Combined High Schools Sports Association.

(a) Purpose of the sports visit.

(b) Numbers and ages of the pupils involved.

(c) Proposed dated of the visit.

(d) Location(s) to be visited, including a detailed itinerary.

(e) Mode of travel and the transport company.

(f) Means of financing the visit.

(g) Supervision and accommodation arrangements.

2.17.2 Information not available two months before hand should be forwarded as soon as possible thereafter.

2.17.3 If air travel is involved, the names of the supervising teachers together with their serial numbers, is to be forwarded to the CHS Executive Officer.

2.18 Procedure for submitting handbook amendments

Handbook amendments must be submitted in the form they will replace, amend or be additions to the current handbook rules as published.

2.19 Commendation Acknowledgment

The Executive is given the opportunity to recognise achievement of teaching staff through an appropriate form of acknowledgment.

2.20 State Team Disciplinary Action

2.20.1 All disciplinary action must be initiated by the CHS team management.

2.20.2 In the case of team management referring the team member to the Combined High Schools Sports Association for disciplinary action the Welfare Committee to adjudicate will comprise:

An Executive Committee member of the NSWCHSSA
The NSWCHSSA convener for that sport
The Regional Sports Co-ordination Officer from the region that the team member represented
Principals' council representative
Community/parent representative
Team management representative

2.21 Selection Policy

(a) NSWCHSSA teams will be chosen by selectors appointed by the sport sub-committee. These appointments can be done at a sub-committee meeting or by postal ballot.

(b) The “chair” of the selection committee will be the CHS convener.

(c) Teams will be selected based only on performances at the respective championship.

(d) Where students are unable to attend a championship due to sport representation at state or Australian level, or their region is not sending a team, they may be considered for selection providing their region submits an application (endorsed by the Regional Sporting Association) to the CHS Executive Officer and the CHS sport convener no later than seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the championship.

2.22 Entry of new sporting competitions into the NSWCHSSA sporting program.

Guidelines for sporting competitions seeking to become NSWCHSSA approved sporting competitions

2.22.1 Preliminary Information

(a) Sports seeking endorsement entry to become CHS competitions must be “Approved Sports of the Department of School Education” as indicated in the “Sport and Physical Activity in Schools, Safe Conduct Guidelines".

2.22.2 Implementation Guidelines

(a) A sport sub-committee to be established that will be prepared to nominate an interim co-ordinator who will prepare a submission for presentation as a “Notice of Motion” to the CHS Council.

(b) This co-ordinator will be a full-time secondary teacher employed by the NSW Department of Education.

2.22.3 Sport Submission

(a) Short and long term goals

(b) Budgetary planning and full resource implications (eg. relief days)

(c) Proposed calendar

(d) Proposed handbook inclusions

(e) Format of competition: State Championship (team), State Championship (individual), Knockout Competition or other competition

(f) Sub-committee composition:

Six (6) members, all full-time secondary teachers from six different Regional Sports Associations.
Each sub-committee member to be endorsed by their Regional Sports Association.
Each sub-committee member will be responsible for liaison with their particular Regional Sports Association

2.22.4 The co-ordinator to liase with the respective "State Sporting Organisation" and other interested bodies to ensure an integrated submission, as necessary, is prepared.

2.22.5 Before endorsement can be granted to a sport, a definite commitment in principle to compete in this program, and provide the necessary resource to enable this to happen, must be given by five (5) Regional Sports Associations.

2.22.6 Timelines

For sports seeking to access the Combined High Schools Sports Association Program, the submission for entry must be forwarded as a “Notice of Motion” for consideration no later than the May Council Meeting, the year prior to the intended participation.

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