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Policy advice and support

Evidence of policy implementation guidelines - Sport and Physical Activity Policy

The following information is indicative of the types of evidence a school may include demonstrating evidence of policy implementation monitoring.

Evidence needs to be a snapshot. E.g. do not upload a complete handbook just the cover and a contents page.

The following information regarding evidence of policy implementation (PDF 208KB) can be downloaded. Fact sheets can be found in a show-hide section below which provide basic information regarding the Sport and Physical Activity Policy.




Related Teacher Professional Learning (TPL)

To assist teachers in meeting sport policy requirements the School Sport Unit has developed 2 free of charge, NESA registered, TPL courses that support the development and review of sport and physical activity in their school. For more information view the Meeting sport policy requirements section of the Online and school-based professional learning page.

The NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC) partners with a number of university academics and has created a number of TPL opportunities from their evidence-based research which shows students are more motivated, stay on task longer and learn more effectively when they are active. These include:

  • Thinking while moving (TwM) - physical activity incorporated into Mathematics and English lessons.
  • iPLAY - explicit teaching practices and learning modules to enrich planned and incidental school-based physical activity experiences. 
  • Physical Activity for Everyone (PA4E1) - support and resources to review, renew and enhance secondary school sport, physical education and physical activity programs.