Section 6: Approved sports – activities and specific rules

Amended 2016.

6.4 Basketball

6.4.1 Basketball state-wide competitions- open and 15 years boys and girls state-wide

Refer to NSWCHSSA Handbook "state-wide competitions" - section 5.2.

(a) Conditions of play

(i) Determine of Home and Away Games.

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Determination of home and away games" - Section 5.2.5  

Team colours to be notified at time of contact.

(ii) The home team shall supply:

- Preferably a full size court, preferably indoor. (Indoor school courts are acceptable, provided that floor space around the court is completely clear).

- Backboards must be wooden or fibreglass, not wire, and rings must have nets attached. (A visiting team which elects to play on the court provided forfeits the right to use unsuitability of the court as a basis for later protest).

- Two competent and officially dressed referees, who should not be the     coaches of either team unless by mutual consent. Where possible,   referees qualified by the New South Wales Basketball Referees Association should be used (where referees are agreed upon, prior to the game, no protest as to their decisions will be considered).

- A visible scoring device, 24 second clock and possession arrow operator.

- A timekeeper and a scorer. (The visiting team has the right to provide the assistant for each position).

- Accommodation where necessary. (Billeting where possible).

- An approved leather match ball. (Size 6 for girls, size 7 for boys).

- FIBA score sheets.

- A second set of singlets in the event of a clash of colours.

(iii) The visiting team has the option of providing one suitably qualified referee.

(iv) For all regional draws, each match shall be played on or before the date set down unless the permission of the regional convener has been obtained. For matches in the "final series" draw the CHS Basketball convener should be contacted. 

(v) For all regional draws, each match shall consist of four ten minute quarters with an interval of five minutes between halves, the clock being stopped for all time-outs, substitutions and free throws and all stoppages in the last minute of play. In the event of a drawn score at full time, an extra period of five minutes will be played. Extra periods of five minutes shall be played until a result is reached.

In the event of single home games coaches may agree to play fully timed games. For central venue days the timing for games may be varied at the regional conveners discretion. The timing for games may be varied at the regional conveners discretion.

The Shot Clock

(vi) For the "final series draw", all games will be fully timed 10 minute quarters with five minute half time and two minute quarter breaks. Extra time periods (if needed) will be five minutes until a result is reached.

(vii) The expenses of home games shall be covered as follows:

- Court costs shall be covered by the home team
- Referees costs are to be shared.

(b) Disputes and Protests

(i) Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Disputes and protests" - section 5.2.7

(c) Players sent off 

(i) Any player sent from the court in any game shall not continue playing in that game.

(ii) It is at the discretion of either or both officials to submit a report. The appropriate judiciary will investigate and resolve the matter in the event of a report.

(iii) The report will be sent to the CHS Basketball convener. Should any CHS participant be suspended as a result of any judiciary, the NSW Basketball Association will be advised, who will also honour the suspension.

(iv) The NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association honours suspensions issued by the New South Wales Basketball Association.

(d) Apparel and uniforms

(i) Team members must participate in school basketball uniform.

(ii) A school warm up top is also recommended.

(iii) Identical uniform tops are required.

(iv) Identical shorts, sporting briefs or body suits must be worn by each team member.

(v) Numbers 4 to 15 inclusive are required. Additional numbers that can be signalled: 20-25, 30-35, 40-45 and 50-55 are permissible.

(e) Results

(i) Match results must be phoned/faxed/e mailed by the winning team, to the appropriate convener, within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

(ii) Schools not calling in results will risk disqualification.

(f) Rule books

(i) Sports organisers/coaches/managers must be conversant with the current rules.

(ii) It is recommended that Basketball rule books be purchased from the local Basketball Association or Basketball New South Wales.

6.4.2 Basketball State Championships

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "State Championships (team sports)" - section 5.3.

(a) Location

(i) The girls and boys state championships should be held in a centre providing three championship courts under the one roof.

(ii) The centre must have provision for first aid treatment.

(b) Opening ceremony

A short opening ceremony should be incorporated into the program for both championships.

(c) Team size

(i) A regional team shall comprise ten players.

(ii) All nominated players are permitted to take the court during any match.

(d) Uniforms

(i) Players must wear their regional uniforms.

(ii) Playing singlets can be numbered 00, 0-99.

(iii) Each region must provide two blood shirts in each team set.

(iv) The host region is to provide a spare set of uniforms in the event of a colour clash.

(e) Score sheet

Team officials must complete game scoresheet at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of any game.

(f) Coach/Assistant Coach

The names of the coach and the assistant coach must appear on the official score sheet prior to the scheduled starting time of any game.

(g) Game Starting Time

Teams must be prepared to take the court up to ten minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of any game.

(h) Duration of games

(i) Round games are to be 8 or 10 minute quarters, fully timed. This decision to be confirmed at the managers meeting held on the night prior to the championships.

(ii) Half time to be a maximum of 5 minutes and warm up to be a minimum of five minutes.

(iii) Semi-finals and finals will be 10 minute quarters, fully timed.

(iv) Drawn games will be resolved in the following way:

In games of 10 minute quarters draws will be resolved with extra 5 minute periods, fully timed, until a result has been achieved.

In games of 7 minute quarters, draws will be resolved with extra 3 minute periods, fully timed, until a result has been achieved.

(i) The draw

(i) The seedings for the state championships shall be determined from the results of the previous year as follows:

Pool A 1, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 12
Pool B 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 and 11

(ii) Should any host region field a second team, it comes into the draw in 12th place.

(iii) In the event that a second regional team is placed higher than 12th, it is omitted from the seedings for the following year.

(iv) A standard two pool draw will be made up so that all teams from the pool play against each other.

(v) Semi-finals will be played between the top two teams from both pools on a cross over basis.

(vi) Where possible, a cross over system shall be played for minor placings so that a state wide placing results.

(vii) Alternatively, the final placings will be decided by playing 3rd pool A vs 3rd pool B, for 5th place, and so on.

(j) Pointscore

(i) In pool A and pool B of the round robin section of the championship, three points will be allocated for a win, one point for a loss and no points for a forfeit.

(ii) In the event of two or more teams finishing with equal points in either pool after the completion of the round robin section of the competition, the placing will be decided on a points for and against basis and on a percentage basis between the teams concerned.

(iii) In the event of a tie still existing, the placings will be decided by the total points for and against on a percentage basis between all teams in the pool.

(k) Judiciary

(i) In the event of any circumstances requiring a judiciary, the judiciary committee shall consist of the CHS Basketball convener, the championship organiser and the Regional Sports Co-ordination Officer, or their representative.

(l) Protests

(i) Any protest must be submitted in writing by the team manager to the championship manager within one hour of the conclusion of the game.

(iii) The protest committee will consist of the championship manager, the CHS convener, plus one other manager elected at the managers meeting.

(m) Referees

(i) A co-ordinator of referees is essential

(ii) Each region, where possible, should supply a qualified referee.

(iii) Student referees attending the championships as part of the regional team shall not be paid.

(iv) All games are refereed according to the rules of FIBA.

(n) Benches

(i) The host region shall make provision for the scorer, timekeeper, scoreboard operator and bench chairman for each game.

(ii) Bench personnel should be local school or basketball association personnel and must be trained for the role being undertaken.

(iii) Provision of a possession arrow and a 24 second shot is mandatory.

(n) Closing Ceremony

(i) The closing ceremony shall be chaired by the Regional Sports Co-ordination officer or his/her representative.

(ii) Procedure at the closing ceremony shall include:

- Presentation of runner up medallions
- Presentation of winners medallions
- Presentations for final referees
- Presentations to team MVP's
- Presentation to championship MVP - The Paul Durack Award (Boys), the   Barrie Meadows Award (Girls)
- Presentation of Participation Certificates
- Announcement of CHS Basketball team and their commitment
- Any other announcements, appreciations
- Conclusion

(o) Promotion

(i) The convener, in association with the championship manager will provide local media a comprehensive set of results and any other promotional information sought.

(ii) Host region to place results daily on the NSWCHSSA website.

(ii) A complete set of results, reports and recommendations as well as championship costs should be sent to the convener and the CHS Executive Officer within 14 days of the conclusion of the event.

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