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NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association Handbook


Amended 2022

4.9 Diving - NSWCHSSA Championships

4.9.1 Championship Requirements

(a) Boys/girls dives

Springboard diving shall be from either the one metre and/or three metre boards.
Age / Division Dives
12/13 years boys and girls 2 dives from 2 groups @ 3.6 plus
2 dives from 2 groups with no limit on degree of difficulty
14/15 years boys and girls 3 dives from 3 groups @ 5.4 plus
3 dives from 3 groups with no limit on degree of difficulty
16/17+ years boys and girls 4 dives from 4 groups @ 7.6 plus
4 dives from 4 groups with no limit on degree of difficulty
Open platform (5m and/or 7.5m and/or 10m) 3 dives from 3 groups @ 5.6 plus
3 dives from 3 groups with no limit on degree of difficulty
Champion of Champions 2 dives from 2 groups @ 3.6 plus
2 dives from 2 groups with no limit on degree of difficulty

(b) Association point score

The points system is as follows:
Place Points
1st place 10 points
2nd place 8 points
3rd place 6 points
4th place 4 points
5th place 2 points
all other places 1 points

4.9.2 General Rules

(a) Age

Age is determined by age turned during the year of competition.

(b) Team list

Team lists are to be submitted at least 10 days prior to the competition.

(c) Dive sheets

The dive sheets must be entered on dive recorder by the Wednesday prior to the championships.

(d) Events

Day One
12 years boys and girls
13 years boys and girls
14 years boys and girls
15 years boys and girls
Knockout (rules below)
Junior team synchronised (rules below)

Day Two
16 years boys and girls
17+ years boys and girls
Open platform boys and girls
Champion of Champions boys and girls
Knockout (rules below)
Open team synchronised (rules below)

Champion of Champions

The winner of each competition division is eligible to contest the Champion of Champions. In the event that a diver wins both a springboard and a platform eligibility event they may choose to do springboard and/or platform.

Dive sheets for this event should be submitted to the state convener at the conclusion of the respective event.

(e) NSWCHSSA team

A NSWCHSSA team will be selected at the championships. This team will comprise of the first 3 placegetters in each event as long as they have fulfilled the requirements. The team will represent NSWCHSSA at the NSW All Schools Diving Championships.

4.9.3 Judiciary

In the event of any circumstances requiring a judiciary, the judiciary shall consist of the state convener, the championship organiser and the association manager or their representative.

4.9.4 Entries

Each association may enter five (5) competitors in each competition.

4.9.5 Eligibility

Competing divers must be bone fide secondary students of schools affiliated to NSWCHSSA.

4.9.6 Knockout rules

(a) All divers to compete
(b) Events for each age i.e. 12 boys, 15 girls, 12 girls etc. will be conducted. If there are less than 6 divers in a single age group, age groups and genders may be combined. If groups are combined medals will be awarded in one group only not separate divisions.
(c) 3 rounds
(i) Round 1 limited dd of 1.5 or less
(ii) Round 2 limited dd of 2.0 or less
(iii) Round 3 unlimited dd

(d) At the end of each round several of the lowest scoring competitors will be eliminated resulting in 3 left for round 3 e.g. 10 in the event will result in 4 eliminated in round 1, 3 in round 2 leaving 3 in the final round. In the event of small number competitors some round no eliminations will occur.

(e) Each round will be stand alone and scores will not carry forward.

(f) Boards to be used
(i) 12 years 1m and/or, 3m and/or, 5m Knockout
(ii) 13-14 years 1m and/or, 3m and/or, 5m and/or, 7.5m
(iii) 15-19 years 1m and/or, 3m and/or, 5m and/or, 7.5 and/or, 10m

(g) Any dive groups can be used.

(h) No repeat dives permitted.

(i) NSWCHSSA medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in final round.

4.9.7 Team synchronised rules

Junior 12-15 years on Day One
Open event on Day Two
All divers are encouraged to compete in team synchronised event.
Day 1 (12-15 years)
Day 2 (12-19 years)

Event specifics

  • There are four (4) competitors per team;
  • Teams will be drawn randomly and posted during the day of NSWCHSSA championships;
  • Each team member must synchronise with each other member i.e.: six (6) dives per team;
  • Any dives may be used;
  • Repeat dives are permitted;
  • One dive sheet to be submitted per team;
  • Dives may be performed from springboard and/or platform.

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