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Coaching competency

You must refer to the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity to understand your overall compliance responsibilities. The information below is additional only.

Coaching competency information

The Specific Sports and Physical Activity Requirements outline specified competency levels for coaches and instructors of high risk sports and outdoor activities.

Competency assessment should take into account the nature and type of activity, level at which the game is to be played (e.g. intra-school or zone competitions), and the experience and ability of the participants.

The following organisations (and links) provide coaching accreditation courses for members of staff:

School Sport Unit
Australian Sports Commission (Sport Aus)
Office of Sport - select a sport to find coaching opportunities.

Teachers appointed as coaches should:

  • Be provided, if necessary, with opportunities to acquire an appropriate level of knowledge and skills which will enable them to provide students with appropriate instruction in the techniques of the sport activity.
  • Plan to allow for progressive skill development.
  • Be aware of the specific strength and physical requirements of activities, particularly for students selected in school representative teams, for example, the most desirable and suitable body build for a front row forward in rugby league or rugby union.
  • Ensure that students only participate in vigorous activities if medically fit. Students must not be allowed to continue playing if they are injured. If a teacher has reason to believe that a student is injured, the student should be removed from the field of play.