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Risk management and consent


Risk management 

Risk management plans ensure that clear processes are in place for the identification of hazards and assessment of risks. Risk management involves a thorough analysis of activity, equipment, environment, communication, participants and staff which enables risk factors to be identified, removed or controlled in the provision of duty of care.

Risk management process and proforma including a sample Bushwalking excursion (DOCX 100KB) 


Consent collection must be included in all risk management plans.

Consent must provide clear details of the event or activity being undertaken and any other critical information for parents/carers. Careful consideration must be given to the purpose of the questions being asked and the relevance to the activity being undertaken. For example gender is not required when considering the duty of care required in supervision allocation.

Additional approved statements relating directly to sport and physical activity are also required for inclusion in consent forms.

The approved statements and acknowledgement bullet points to be included in the sign-off related to each statement are included in the “Consent – must haves” (PDF 55KB) (May 2022).

The approved statements and acknowledgement bullet points to be included in the sign-off for each statement, must be used as part of any consent form developed at the local level, as they relate to the proposed activity. These additional statements address critical elements of consent including:

A number of sample consent forms have been developed for use by schools.

Sample consent templates

Sport-specific extracts

There are a number of mandatory extracts regarding specific activities that must be used when conducting all forms of contact / tackle football or aquatic activities. 


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