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10 week Challenge@Home

The 10 week Challenge (10wC) resources can be a powerful tool to assist schools in monitoring the activity of their students for the period of time they are learning from home. Whilst the 10wC challenge period is run during Terms 2 and 3, the resources can be used any time of the year to assist teachers in tracking student physical activity.

We understand that COVID-19 may affect the success of your 10wC or your ability to even run it this term, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to talk to the PSC team. Of most importance is that students (& adults) remain active for their health and wellbeing, and we encourage them to do so.

Resources to run the 10wC at home

Participants have options for how they can log their activity. This can be done using online, digital and printed logbooks. All resources listed below are available on the 10wC resources webpage. See the resources relevant to your needs and schooling level.

10wC tracker web app (online) 

The 10wC tracker web app* is on online activity tracker. Participants just need their team code and personal pin code to access the 10wC tracker to track their daily/weekly activity, and it syncs their weekly award level straight to the PSC Tracker e-Wall chart! This saves time for teacheras there is no double handling of information! 
The 10wC tracker is available to all participants (excluding K-2) only during the challenge period (Terms 2 and 3). This means that any registered PSC participant can access to the 10wC tracker through any internet device. Participants no longer need to download from the app store. 

For more information, see our Guide to using the 10wC tracker web app*. 

Digital logbooks & e-Wall charts

For classes that use online platforms such as Google classroomsstudents can use a digital logbook. Students receive an electronic copy of the 10wC logbook and can save, edit and share their logbooks with their teachers during the Challenge via their class’s online platforms. Students can add their weekly award level to the class digital e-Wall chart for teachers to transfer this information to the PSC Tracker e-Wall chart. These digital resources can be downloaded from the 10wC resources webpage under Recording the challenge.  

Printed logbooks 

Students can use the printed logbooks (provided by the PSC if they were requested), or 10wC logbooks can be downloaded and printed/distributed to students as requiredFor example:  

  • Teachers can print the logbooks at school and add to packs that parents/carers pick up or are sent home to students. 
  • Teachers can send parents the link to download and print the logbooks at home for students. As students track their activity, they can take photos or scan their logbook and send to their teacher to show progress. 

These can be downloaded from the 10wC resources webpage under Recording the challenge. 

e-Wall Charts 

Teachers have access to their class/team’s e-Wall chart on the PSC Tracker* (using the organisation username and password*). When teachers receive updates of their student’s weekly award progress they can update the e-Wall Chart and share the progress with their class. Remember that the 10wC tracker web app does this step for teachers. 

A printable version of the e-Wall Chart is available so teachers can have it at home to write on and show students via photos/videos, or a digital version that can be edited and shared with the class vis online platforms.  These can be downloaded from the 10wC resources webpage under Recording the challenge. 

* Teachers can obtain their school's organisation username and password from their PSC Facilitators who created this when they registered for the PSC challenges. 

Learning from home support

To support schools while students learn from home, the School Sport Unit has a range of resources to engage their students in physical activity. We encourage schools to continue to engage students in physical activity options, not only for curriculum areas like PDHPE and sport, but also for general health and wellbeing, especially at this time. See our Learning from home support webpage. 

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