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10 week challenge


Students and staff record and track their physical activity over a 10 week period as they aim to be more active, more often. 

End of challenge certificates

Due to COVID-19 the printing and distribution of the PSC end of challenge certificates have been delayed.

All schools registered for the 10wC need to submit all participant final award levels in the PSC Tracker by COB Monday 1 November (Term 4, Week 5). 

If COVID-19 and learning from home disrupted your school’s participation in the 10 week Challenge during Term 3, estimates (of Term 2 physical activity levels) will be accepted for 2021 where weekly student data isn't available/wasn't formally tracked. A final award estimate can be assigned to each student or class in the submission process, without adding data to the e-Wall chart. Remember that all teachers can submit their class's awards (through the e-Wall chart).

Printed certificates: If you took part in RAA or requested 10wC printed certificates, these should arrive to schools by the end of Week 8.  

Please check PSC emails for latest updates. 


10 week challenge

Show your class the PSC 10wC Launch video at the start of your challenge.



The 10 week Challenge (10wC) is still on for Term 3 and can be a powerful tool to assist schools in monitoring the activity of their students for the period of time they are learning from home.


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