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10wC staff challenge

Need a little extra motivation to get more active, more often?

Staff have the opportunity to participate in the Premiers Sporting Challenge initiative - 10 week Challenge (10wC).

What is the 10wC staff challenge? 

10wC staff participants track their daily activity in minutes and/or steps, which is converted into a weekly award level (bronze, silver, gold or diamond). At the end of the 10 weeks, participants are awarded the average award level for their 10 weeks.

Running throughout Terms 2 and 3, the 10wC can be participated in whenever suits the individual, team or school.





10 week Challenge wellbeing challenge option for Term 3

In Term 3, staff who participate in the 10 week Challenge (10wC) staff challenge will have the option to take part in ‘Wellbeing tracking’ where they can create and track 4 wellbeing and health goals over the 10 weeks of the challenge. This is completed in the 10wC activity tracker web app

View the 10wC wellbeing challenge webpage for more information.